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Does your straight friend seem to like you anyway?

Does My Guy Friend Like Me?

Does My Guy Friend Like Me?

Does he like you? (for gay or bi boys)

Does your crush like you back? (For Guys)

Does He Like Me? (For Struggling Gays)

Does he like me? for guys.

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23 days ago
I'm still confused with my sexuality because I'm 💗 with both male and female but it don't make sense. ;-;
68 days ago
I’m completely clueless about if my crush is gay ;-;
80 days ago
I dont even like.....guys
179 days ago
Enjoy the pleasures an enjoy giving
211 days ago
Get whay u get its ok just be u
279 days ago
Me, is gay, me gets invited to a girls sleepover. They call me a madman
302 days ago
He always acts really nice around me and is really flirty, but I think he's just joking, but he always seems keen on the subject of gayness
314 days ago
I usually go for boys only quizzes bc IM bisexual i hope that there is a lesbian girls quizzes