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Wow! From the looks of it, "Does he like me?" is a question right up there in importance with "What is the purpose of my life?" or "What is love?" You must be wondering about this yourself, since you're here, right? Well, the good news is, we have close to 1,500 quizzes that promise to reveal the answer to this burning question.
So, with SOOO many quizzes to choose from on this life-changing topic, how do you decide which one(s) to take? Well, the more quizzes you take, the deeper the insight you'll gain. Each quiz author draws on his or her own real-life experience(s), so there are bound to be at least a few quizzes here that closely match your own situation.
To give you a better idea, there are "Does he like me?" quizzes here geared toward: shyer people, people of all different sexual orientations, people questioning whether it's real interest or just flirting, younger kids, girls looking for a guy who's both cute AND smart, and many, many more. Get started now and find out where you stand with the one you like!

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"Does He Like Me?" Quiz (GIRLS ONLY!)

Is he your buddy, or could It be more?

Does He Like Me? (Totally Accurate, No Kidding!)


Does My Crush Like Me Back?

Does My Crush Like Me Back?

Does he like you?

The REAL Love Test

The REAL Love Test

Does He Like Me?

Does He Like Me? (High School Version)

Does He Like Me? (High School Version)

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*sigh* (26846)
6 days ago
I’m confused in life I like a guy in all but than I got a hair cut and I don’t think he likes me as much the sad part is before I got my haircut he was happy with me and ya I think he liked me a lot but now I got my hair cut and a lot of people like it and I’m way more open with it but now he’s a little less talkative with me so ya know it’s confusing I doubt he likes me any more so now fingers crossed 🤞 a guy may “Actually” like me (doubt it *sigh*) any advice how to get my mind of guys for another couple weeks?
Me (74229)
7 days ago
Totally worth it on my behalf
sexy gal (68818)
9 days ago
This actually works !!!
Popular girl (50145)
10 days ago
Oh and anyone who says im lieing i will make your life misribale oh i just got my nail extintions weave in and spa day i will have my gaurds do it🤗hmph oh and im student body president and get access to the secret menue haha losers
Popular girl (50145)
10 days ago
I am the sexiest weathiest popular mean girl in my school i wear all latest trends if its out of trend burn it boys are allways all over me i still everyone bf and get,away with it all adults think im sweet and inoceent oh my family is a youtuber and and i have cool cars and limo have pedicure brown curly hair light chocalote flawless skin im the cheer captain and i rule the popular girls/meangirls and throw all the hottest parties too and cgeat sometimes but never caught get all A+ cause nerds do my homework and i cheat
Off if nerds test i get football captain and badboys to date me to cause my killer body that includes butt 💗 legs face and everything else;)yum wink hehe
Mia (46815)
17 days ago
Paper I will, that’s for SURE. But if he’s mean and rude don’t ask. He might ignore you. Do it! There’s no harm in trying guys!
Paper (65128)
22 days ago
Should I tell my crush I like him on the first day of school?
marsh (22273)
23 days ago
hi! anyone please help me. there is a boy. we are oficially together .he likes me and i like him too. but the problem is lately my feelings towards him seem to be gone. and i started crushing on someone so i wrote many manu things about the new crush, then my old crush read it. im afraid he is sad. i dont know what to do. its seems like im in dilena. help me please. please
chiaNha (48957)
23 days ago
help me (90283)
24 days ago
i really need to know if he likes me
ConfusedAF (56461)
24 days ago
There’s this boy that I like at my school. We are good friends and he’s nice to everyone. Me and him have done a bet and if he breaks up with his gf I have to give him a £1. Today was our sports day and our moms were talking for the first time and he high fived me in front of my mom. He has also hugged me and keeps complimenting me I also keep catching him staring at me in class.

Maya (27440)
27 days ago
.... I'm so crushed 😔😟😞😖😢😩😭😭😭😭😭
Mia (58789)
41 days ago
@love advice i need to know if this boy at school really likes me plzz help
LoveAdvice (38110)
43 days ago
Hi! I can give advice if anyone wants!
diana (14416)
45 days ago
sorry, but i honestly don't think he likes you. usually, guys go for girls in their league, and if your and his friends don't like him or you, then it's going to be a difficult relationship.
hoped this helped.
The ugh life (14325)
46 days ago
Okay I Need advice ladies. So I like this guy but everyone says it’s wrong cause I’m 11 and he’s 15 but I’m tall for my age so I think he could like me but if he does what do I do because he is much more mature than me he already has frickin job I’m still a tween too and now I have to dance with him and it sucks plz help
Sofia (62578)
47 days ago
Dear confused - ur in a very weird scenario.... if u txt it’s better than not having is Number! Try to tell him how u feel. If ur in middle school, don’t be surprised if ur relationship doesn’t work. 😕 really tho u should ask him out!

Best of luck

Sofia 🌈🌈🌈🌈
Blah Blah (64867)
49 days ago
I think my crush likes me I took like every test on here and they have all said something about him liking me or he could like me..
Eleanor (01135)
57 days ago
Thing is the tests say are you in the same class I'm like no cos were in separate classes but we talk a lot online and in school but some options for some questions aren't there so it's hard to choose the answer cos u have to go yea all the time or not really there's no yea mostly so annoying
Confused (02775)
58 days ago
I like my neighbor, he’s dating some girl he knows from school and we both know we like each other. My problem is he started a sentence with “when I’m single..” after I sent him a meme about eating food. Helppp