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Does my crush like me?

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Does he like you? (Middle School Edition)

Does He Like You?

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Does he/she like you?

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Jenny (02065)
22 hours ago
I think my crush likes me
Myracle (33881)
8 days ago

I totally agree with everything you said!
lara (72790)
11 days ago
i think he ses ne like a friend not like a girlfrien Im sorry about m'y self
Girlyproblems101 (49601)
11 days ago
So one day he wasn't at school and he answered my email. He was on his phone and he just wanted to say hey. I was surprised. And one kid looked up my name and it came up as a model with half her clothes off. My crush like I said wasn't there but his cousin was. His cousin looked it up and he said it was me from the future and that it was weird and kinda satisfying. I think my crush likes me and so does his cousin.
David Witzke (20160)
13 days ago
I wish I had a boyfriend.
Desperate (78765)
14 days ago
I really wish I could just tell my crush I like him but it’s not that simple. He is popular and I’m not. My friends always say that all of the boys in my school are ugly so I don’t know how they’d react if I told him I liked him. Plus I think he has a crush because his friends tease him by saying in a lovey voice her name. I’m
Thinking about asking him at the end of the year but like I said I don’t know how it will play out with my friends. :((((
Desperate (78765)
14 days ago
I really like this boy who is my classmate and we talk sometimes but we’re not really close but I think he likes another girl in my school who’s pretty rude to like everyone except her popular friends and sometimes I feel like he likes me but other times I feel like he likes her so I’m desperate and confused and sad helpppppp
Emily 💖 (29874)
16 days ago
Me and my crush don't go the same school. All these quizzes ask the question How often do you see him and all the answers are about seeing him at school and if I put that we don't have any classes together it will change the scores. So it's not fair

I still don't know if he likes me HELP PLZ
Girlyproblems101 (49601)
21 days ago
I brought pictures from 2nd grade and after our test I was eating some cheese it's and talking to my other friends and he and another boy that seems like TOO nice were looking at them and he look like he actually like the pictures. I'm so confused can somebody help any?
Girlyproblems101 (49601)
26 days ago
We keep talking more and he's acting kinda nervous around me and it is scaring me actually. He always does stuff trying to annoy me and so yea, does anyone think he likes me and btw everybody says he likes another girl but I know he at least used to like me at the beginning of the year.
Positive gorl (77004)
27 days ago
Okay so there is this one boy in my class in the begging of the year he asked me out and I said ya but a few hours later he only wanted to be my friend then,he got a new gf who she hates me , he broke up with her and now he is talking to me, he says I'm trustworthy , and tells me I luv u ❤️(As a friend) but he also told me his crush but he is always smiling at me too! Does he like me or am I just his friend??????????help me
CrushCatastrophe (24272)
29 days ago
Thanks heaps 2445 Forever I’ll try that!! Will let you know outcome!!
2445 Forever (61650)
29 days ago
To CrushCatastrophe

Just ask him then :)! Be yourself! If you're scared of telling him b/c there's your mom and his dad,tell him somewhere private like when you're on the swimming Pool or when the both of you are alone. Time doesn't matter! you can text him too but i suggest tell him face to face to see his reaction with your own eyes. There's a little time before the swimming starts,right? Just tell him~! I bet you can do it! Wish you the best luck! Hope I help...

2445 Forever
CrushCatastrophe (24272)
30 days ago
agirlfriendinlove could you pleeeeaaase help me!!!
CrushCatastrophe (24272)
30 days ago
In front of my mum OR his dad!! I need solutions and fast!!!
CrushCatastrophe (24272)
30 days ago
HELP ME!!! I have a crush named Brodie and we swim together at training. He is smart, handsome, a gentleman and really fast at swimming. Whenever I see him the butterflies in my stomach do flips. They’re going round and round right now just thinking about him! I think about him 24/7. I dream about him too. To be honest I dreamed about him last night. According to his friends he really does like me! But I’m not so sure. I’ve caught him staring at me a few times and we can talk about anything with each other. All this dreaming and thinking about him nonstop has got too out of hand. I need to tell him I like him because I know the dreaming and think will settle. But I just don’t know how!! My friend will double check if he’s still likes me and that’s when I make my move. But I can’t get an opportunity! There are little minutes before swimming starts and that’s barely enough time talk about our feelings. After swimming my mum and his dad are there and there is no way I will do it in front of my mum OR his das
agirlfriendinlove (25800)
32 days ago
Ok so this is for all of you out there who are struggling with guys. Guys are very weird. They flirt with you by annoying you because they are too embarrassed to show their real feelings. If you like a guy, try being really, really nice to him. Guys LOVE to be complimented. Even if he is a shy guy, start by complimenting him on his shoes or his outfit (something like that). Then maybe ask him for help with your homework. Another thing, BE YOURSELF AROUND GUYS (ESPECIALLY ONES THAT YOU'RE CRUSHING ON). Guys want to see the real side of you. If a guy thinks you're 'strange' or 'weird' (I'm saying this in quotes because everybody's weird in their own way) then he is not the guy for you, no matter how much you're into him. This is everything that I did to get my guy to love me, and I think you can guess my relationship status☺️😉
Girlyproblems101 (49601)
34 days ago
I know now that officially my crush know a i like him bc my friends told him and then he kept asking them questions and I'm soooooooooooo confused 😕
Maya D. (08325)
34 days ago
im having A LOT of boy problems right now (BTW im almost 15). First, i stopped talking to a guy that i like because hes a homophobe, and doesnt support my best friends sexuality. i did that because im such a good friend (and i know that sounds stupid lol). But i miss talking to him! He was so nice to me. Then second, theres this guy that i have mixed feelings about. i think he might be flirting by trying to annoy me and trying to make me laugh, but im not sure. im SO CONFUSED!!! And last, theres this boy in my choir class that is ALWAYS staring at me! And when i look back, he looks away. I dont like him, but i think he might like me. And he NEVER talks to me. And when i try to talk to him, he just smiles and walks away shyly.

if ANYONE knows whats going on, or has any advice, PLEASE answer me!!
LiahLoveHelp (09317)
35 days ago
Can someone help me?