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Wow! From the looks of it, "Does he like me?" is a question right up there in importance with "What is the purpose of my life?" or "What is love?" You must be wondering about this yourself, since you're here, right? Well, the good news is, we have close to 1,500 quizzes that promise to reveal the answer to this burning question.
So, with SOOO many quizzes to choose from on this life-changing topic, how do you decide which one(s) to take? Well, the more quizzes you take, the deeper the insight you'll gain. Each quiz author draws on his or her own real-life experience(s), so there are bound to be at least a few quizzes here that closely match your own situation.
To give you a better idea, there are "Does he like me?" quizzes here geared toward: shyer people, people of all different sexual orientations, people questioning whether it's real interest or just flirting, younger kids, girls looking for a guy who's both cute AND smart, and many, many more. Get started now and find out where you stand with the one you like!

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Does He Really Like Me?

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Does He Like Me? (Middle/High School Quiz)

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Does My Crush Like Me Back?

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3 days ago
@Ashley Duff
maybe something's going on in his life. You never know. Tell him you'll miss him when he moves and keep in touch with him. And ask him if anything's wrong.
I'd say for now don't ask either one out, but if you do acknowledge to one of them that you like them, make sure you tell them you like the other guy too.
@ Lilypad
I think J might like u at least a little.
4 days ago
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7 days ago
His name isn’t Gage btw
7 days ago
So I have this guy I like, and in the beginning of the year we talked every day at school in every hour we had together. Then all of a sudden he stopped talking to me for 2 months. Last week I had the courage of texting him asking if I did anything wrong and he left me on seen. This week he talked to me in my last hour each day which I was happy about but still upset he didn’t talk to me in the other classes. He is moving to a different city this summer and I cried bc I’ve liked him since 4th grade and I’m in 7th right now. Could you help me and tell me what to do? Thank you)
8 days ago
i need adviceeeeeeee. so basically theres two guys at my school who like me. one of them is a nice, smart, cool guy and the other one is like a stereotypical bad guy with a good heart. the first one is named Connor and the second one is named Jackson. i've been really good friends with both of them for about a year now, and to be honest i think i like Jackson. i've always had feelings for him because he's so nice. he listens to me and understands me better than my closest friends do. he has a really messed up personal life (divorced parents, and a bunch of other stuff im not gonna write here bc i don't want to spill his personal life). most of my friends despise him because of his "darker side" (personal stuff), and i know that if i ever dated him it would literally be social suicide and i would lost the respect of a ton of my closest friends (they're not bad friends, they just don't like him). Jackson is soooo nice though. He tells me he loves me all the time, and is such an amazing person. i've never told him that i love him back, because i haven't worked up the courage to say it back. once, he texted me a speech that was basically him professing his love to me. the next day during first period, he mouthed "i love you" to me a few times. that was like a month ago, but a few days ago, one of my friends told me that he still likes me. the only problem with all of this is that he has a girlfriend smh... and his gf is one of my close friends. to be honest, they aren't really dating. they never hug each other in the hallways and they don't text each other. i honestly don't think they even like each other.

the other guy, Connor, is also really nice. he's less subtle about liking me, unlike Jackson. all of his friends know he likes me, and they refer to me as his girlfriend (even though we're not dating). i honestly don't mind all of this, because i have very Very VERY small feelings for Connor. he's like REALLY obsessed with me, but i only have slight feelings for him. it's not because he's annoying or anything; i just don't really consider him as much more than a friend.

Sorry, i know that was really long! Please help me out, i really need advice! i think i like Jackson, but i don't know, and i don't want to friendzone Connor.

Thanks :)
12 days ago
Paris Rose🌹,

Thanks! Should I try to make a move with Dustin and/or David? I see David every day but I see Dustin every Sunday morning and nite (sometimes more if there is an church event). On the bus David asked if I could go to his house, he didn’t say y. Should I go? Or not.?
13 days ago
The girl next door,

I'm going to be completely honest with you:

I don't know if David likes you, but it seems like there's a really, really good chance he might. Dustin is TOTALLY into you!!! He seems really nice, and from what I can tell, he obviously has feelings for you! :D

I hope everything works out for you in the end!

-Paris Rose🌹
13 days ago
Hey......I need ADVICE OM WAT TO DO!?!?!?!?!! I’ve had 2 crushes one is my neighbor David and I’ve bent likein him for a year. The other Is Dustin and I’ve bent crushing on him for almost 2 years in October. I met David @ school cuz there was rezoning any way this year he is in my 3rd,5th,6th and 7th periods. He always challenges me to a fight (cuz we both do karate) and he wants me to go to his house and fight. I have never been to his house before it I’ve been in his driveway. Yesterday he’s like “ I bet I WILL WIN” and I’m like “ rite here rite now” and we literally started fighting in 7th period while our teacher was outside greeting other kids. His jacket already had a hole in it and he (gently) put on the ground and he was on top of me and I grabbed his hair (wat he has of it ) and yanked it rlly hard. Then we both got back up and I grabbed his jacket and I (by accident) ripped a BIG hole in it. While that was happening his shirt/jacket was slowly goin up and I was BLUSHING ALOT ☺️😊☺️😊☺️😊☺️😊 then we saw the teacher come in and we ran into our seats. Ok now Dustin he goes to my youth group @ church and he always makes me laugh 😂. Around Christmas time we were caroling for the elderly people around our church and it was REALLY cold I was shivering a lot and he noticed And he gave me his jacket. And one time we held hands. IDK WAT TO DO!?!?! Do they like me? Or just as friends?
16 days ago
Hey... I need some help. So I've had this MILD crush on a guy at school for two months now and im just really anxious to see if he likes me back because he's been showing all of these signs. It all started when we sat together in one of our classes and I began to notice that he was really funny and kind. Then a friend asked if I liked him and I said no, but I kept thinking about it and then I saw so many weird signs. At first we would occasionally make eye contact at school, and then I would hear the boys at school trash talking other people but whenever I was around them and they talked about this guy, all I heard was that he was AMAZING at basketball and he's "a legend". I didn't really care but then in English class we were assigned this Ode project where we choose someone in our grade to write a poem about. I'm a nerd so I asked to write two poems for extra credit so I chose my best friends K and S. (Not 100% sure but i think S is gay) And then we turned our papers in and the next class I we got our grades back and i got 100! Then after getting our grades back we had independent reading time where J, my crush, fell asleep! It was hilarious, but when his friend woke him up everyone was joking around with him about it and he looked really embarrassed. I noticed that he kept glancing over at me and when i caught him he blushed pretty hard. Oh and later, my friend K told me that someone in her Latin class told her that one of the "so called popular" guys got ME for ode so we began narrowing down the people who we thought chose me for Ode. None of my friends know that I like this guy, but what really surprised me was that K thought J might have been the one who got me for ode!!!! I know none of this makes sense to any of you bc I probably did an awful job explaining it quickly, but I'm really confused and don't know what to do!!!!!!!!!!

71 days ago
I'm so sorry I wasn't on sooner, and now it is too late 😭
71 days ago
Cutie Locks before they deleted the comments you asked me if I would like to assist you and help give advice to people. Well I did respond and I said yes but I didn't know if you saw it b/c they deleted the comments.
72 days ago
H responded. He doesn't like me.. I probably should've seen this coming because I've gotten mixed signals from him. It's okay though, there are more people than just H that could make a great match for me.
72 days ago
Cutie Locks, H is the original person I liked. D is the one who likes A. I'm sorry I confused you.
73 days ago
And now we're on the verge of breaking up!!!!!!!

73 days ago
To Dakota or Cutie,

I need help!!!!!

This is what happened.

So basically, at school we have this group on the group chat Bill (a boy who I sit next to at school) asked for my number so I gave it to him because many people in my school have my number so I didn't think it would be a problem. Then my boyfriend found out and he thought that I was cheating on him.

What should I do???!!!!!

73 days ago
Anonymous Girl,

Wait, who do you like again? Sorry, I've been a bit off-colour and I've forgotten, is H the first crush or is he the person who likes A? Anyways, telling him is a good idea, though I would have suggested telling him in person. Good luck, and let me know how it goes!


You could ask him or the other girl casually during a conversation how they feel about each other, and if they question you you can say "Just wondering." Also, about someone else liking you, how do you know? Good luck!
73 days ago
So, I emailed H telling him that I like him. And in the email I asked of he likes me. I don't know if it was a good idea, but there's a good chance that he likes me. So this could end very well, or it could be really awkward.
74 days ago
And yesterday was my last jazz band class, but nothing out of the ordinary happened except I caught my crush looking at me
74 days ago
Cutie Locks i need more help according to my friend my crush still likes that other girl :,,,,((((( and there's another kid who may like me... how can i tell
75 days ago
@Anonymous Girl

Hope everything works out! Your welcome, hope you both are happy! Wish you could date!