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Wow! From the looks of it, "Does he like me?" is a question right up there in importance with "What is the purpose of my life?" or "What is love?" You must be wondering about this yourself, since you're here, right? Well, the good news is, we have close to 1,500 quizzes that promise to reveal the answer to this burning question.
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To give you a better idea, there are "Does he like me?" quizzes here geared toward: shyer people, people of all different sexual orientations, people questioning whether it's real interest or just flirting, younger kids, girls looking for a guy who's both cute AND smart, and many, many more. Get started now and find out where you stand with the one you like!

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Does he like me? ;)

Does he like me? ;)

Does He Like Me? (Middle/High School Quiz)

Does He Like Me? (Middle/High School Quiz)

Does He Like You?

Does He Really Like Me?

Does He Really Like Me?

Does my friend like me?

Does He Like Me?

Does He Like Me?

Does he like me back?

Does He Like Me? (A Quiz For Girls)

Does He Like Me? (A Quiz For Girls)

Answer these Questions and we'll see if He likes you Back

"Does He Like Me?" Quiz (GIRLS ONLY!)

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2 days ago
Haven't been on in forever!!!
Some updates!
K is dating my friend now ughhhh
And she really likes him

Talk to him. Tell him you like him, and don't be afraid to show who you really are!!
16 days ago
I've known someone and I'm positive he likes me but he is too shy.How do I convince him that I am not a bad or uncomfortable girl to be with?
39 days ago
I am so happy I got to see the first guy again and we looked at each other a lot we didn’t get to talk or anything cause we were in church but I really really like hime oh and now this guy was playing knock out with me and he kept smiling at me then he asked me if I would play basketball with him tomorrow but the problem is the first guy might be there.
44 days ago
No problem! I’m not sure about the second guy either lol
44 days ago
Ravenclaw Girl, thanks for the advice I thought he liked me but I’m not to sure about the second guy cause I saw him again and he still looked at me and we both made quite a bit of eye contact again so I’m confused.
46 days ago
The first guy at least
46 days ago
Ravenclaw Girl, which one the first one or second one they are two separate guy that I both like ????
46 days ago
The girl who’s in love
He likes you
47 days ago
I need more advice about the other guy I’m in love with I see him every wendsday and when he is talking he will be looking at other people for a few seconds then when he looks at me he keeps eye contact for like a minute or two and when I look at him he looks back at me but I don’t know if he likes me?? PLEASE HELP ME BY GIVING ADVICE!!!!!!
47 days ago
I have a problem and I need advice. So I met this guy at camp and from the first time I saw him I fell in love. We both made eye contact at all times and he even touched me a few times, and we talked a couple of times and he would always see if I was laghing at his jokes. I don’t know when the next time I am going to see him and I don’t know if he even likes me so could someone give me some advice please.
49 days ago
HELP ME!!!- I think he really likes you, like a lot!!! You should shoot your shot while you can! Maybe try to get his number. Good luck ❤❤
50 days ago
He is a year younger than me and we play sports together in school (it's like we compete against other schools together) i am the team captain, and he is really good and we tease and mock each other all the time. He says my name in a VERY thick french accent even though his normal voice is COMPLETELY different. He has complimented several times about me being a good leader and player. He smiles at me when he walks past most of the time and says my name loudly a few times in public.when we are training, he is usually partners with me and always teases playfully and makes me laugh a lot. Once i fell over and grazed my leg when i was GA and he was GD and i still played but asked if i could play goal shooter instead of goal attack because you run less and when he saw me swap he swap to goal keeper for the other team so he could defend me. He would look at my leg and ask if i was ok and when i said i was fine in a bored tone, he started playfully chasing me to make me feel happy. he is really sweet but once in a game he saw a player from the other team and told me that she apparently had a crush on him because he knew someone who knew her. I was defending her and she talked about him a lot during the game. While he was intercepting the ball, he accidentally tripped over his player and she had to go off and he looked guilty so i said it wasnt his fault and asked if he was ok. he looked at me sadly and nodded. That half he played well but didnt look as happy. during the break i told him that the girl who apparently had a crush on him, definitely did and he nodded glumly and after that we played and every time during the game that he would look at me it was as if he was trying to tell me something. I kept asking if he was ok because he he fell over twice in the game (no graze just a trip) he would say i am fine and tell me to play in a normal but not joyful tone like usual. Afterwards he might tease me a little but he just lay down during the second game (we didnt have two games that week) it was hot so i assumed it was heatstroke but i dont know if it was me and that girl. when we were walking to the bus to drive us back home, we played a bit when i was trying to get the captain's book from the box that he was carrying cos we were both helping out. He would look at me and he almost acted normal again. But then he might zone out in tiredness later on while he was sitting down with his friend waiting for the bus. He would look at me and we'd keep eye contact multiple times on the bus and trying to catch each other's gaze as there were people in the way. I dont know what to do. I am leaving the school at the end of the year, i only have 2-3 months and he is a year younger and i am not going to the local high school. I have REALLY STRONG feelings for him but i dont know how he feels. Also our sport against school has ended so we might meet up to play if the teacher lets us but other than that we'll just past each other during break and stuff. Plus he's always with his friends and me too.
50 days ago
Yasssssss same lol LEO
54 days ago
Ilovenetflix- that's actually so cute. I think he likes you. If he wants to get to know you, that's a good thing!
59 days ago
So my crush and me started texting through instagram. After that I posted on my story this thing in where I asked people numbers to play games on iPhone. He sent me his and we played we started on Saturday and it’s Wednesday we have texted everyday I found out out few thing about him. Then I posted this thing on my story in which my 5 viewer had to give me a hoodie. It ended up being him 😂. Then I asked him and he said yes. Today Wednesday I reminded him and he said “oh ya I forgot” he then said “friday???” I said “ok. Sounds good” does that mean he likes me. Also my friend asked him if he liked me he said “idk. I don’t really know her yet” she then asked him if he got to know me a bit better he might like me he then said “Maybe...” do you guys think he likes me?
60 days ago
Man, it's a shame whenever the question "are you friends?" Comes up, I'm forced to answer "he doesn't even know me"...

61 days ago
hi everyoneeee, so just a quick disclaimer, its 6 in the morning and im really tired rn so if my grammar is worse than a literal 1st grader just disregard it.

ok so i've really liked this one guy since the beginning of the school year. he's super nice and we're pretty good friends. i'm starting to think he likes me too, because we talk a lot in class and he takes time out of his day to talk to me. he'll literally ditch his friends to talk to me and he was almost late to his class once because he was talking to me.

also, i think my teacher might have noticed that we like each other bc she put us at the same table and diagnol from each other. (sorry abt the bad grammar and spelling i swear im not in 1st grade)

but theres a problem.

i only have one class with the guy i like, and that just happens to be the only class i have with my best friend (who's also a guy). i'm pretty sure they don't like each other because they never talk to each other. they both give each other dirty looks sometimes when one of them is talking to me without the other one.

so i have the class i'm in with them last. most of the time i walk with my best friend and sometimes the guy i like walks with us too. but about a week ago, i was talking to the guy i like before the bell rang and we got up to walk out together. i was looking around for my best friend so i could walk with him too.

however, he literally BOLTED out the door without me. i walked the rest of the way with my crush so it was fine, but i was still confused.

i'm not implying that my best friend is jealous of the guy i like. i already know he isn't because he's been flirting with this other girl in our friend group.

nonetheless, i need adviceeee. let me know what to do about my crush and also what to do about my bsf.

thx ;)
65 days ago
So I searched it up and it says that it's homophobic bullying and I'm seriously scares for school cuz I don't wanna be attacked on that way again. What do I do?
65 days ago
Ok so this I stotally unrelated with love but I rlly need answers quickly plz 💜

So I'm bi and supper lgbt+ and so do others in my class. So it goes like this:

We r in PSHE and our teacher asks us to day something that we want to learn in future lessons in PSHE. When it cake to my turn I said lgbt+. Everyone kind of reacted a little but no one did anything bad or anything. So afterwards we were in Science a little while later and Ryan is a boy who sits near me. He started having a go at me cuz I said lgbt+ in PSHE🙁 then at lunchtime, he started having a go at me as well and so did the other boys. They keep saying that they're not homophobic cuz it's their religion and I respect that but they don't have to be so mean about it. They even kicked my friends out of the class group chat cuz they were gay. Plz can u help me cuz Idk what to do and if I tell a teacher then they will tell my parents and they're homophobic so that not good.
Thanks so much if u can help me 😃
65 days ago
I like a cute Mexican guy. He likes me and i think i might be in love with him. He doesn't want a relationship with any girl. But, he wants me to move in a house with other room mates. I don't want to live with the girl he flirt with. And another guy that makes fun of me. Should I still be his friend or let him go not talk him anymore. And just forsced on me. Any advice would be good.