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Wow! From the looks of it, "Does he like me?" is a question right up there in importance with "What is the purpose of my life?" or "What is love?" You must be wondering about this yourself, since you're here, right? Well, the good news is, we have close to 1,500 quizzes that promise to reveal the answer to this burning question.
So, with SOOO many quizzes to choose from on this life-changing topic, how do you decide which one(s) to take? Well, the more quizzes you take, the deeper the insight you'll gain. Each quiz author draws on his or her own real-life experience(s), so there are bound to be at least a few quizzes here that closely match your own situation.
To give you a better idea, there are "Does he like me?" quizzes here geared toward: shyer people, people of all different sexual orientations, people questioning whether it's real interest or just flirting, younger kids, girls looking for a guy who's both cute AND smart, and many, many more. Get started now and find out where you stand with the one you like!

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Does He Like Me? (Middle/High School Quiz)

Does He Like Me? (Middle/High School Quiz)

Does he like you?

Does He Really Like Me?

Does He Really Like Me?

Does my crush like me?

Does my crush like me?

Does He Like Me?

Does He Like Me?

Is he actually into you? Go check for yourself!

Does He Like Me? (A Quiz For Girls)

Does He Like Me? (A Quiz For Girls)


"Does He Like Me?" Quiz (GIRLS ONLY!)

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12 hours ago
Man, it's a shame whenever the question "are you friends?" Comes up, I'm forced to answer "he doesn't even know me"...

hi everyoneeee, so just a quick disclaimer, its 6 in the morning and im really tired rn so if my grammar is worse than a literal 1st grader just disregard it.

ok so i've really liked this one guy since the beginning of the school year. he's super nice and we're pretty good friends. i'm starting to think he likes me too, because we talk a lot in class and he takes time out of his day to talk to me. he'll literally ditch his friends to talk to me and he was almost late to his class once because he was talking to me.

also, i think my teacher might have noticed that we like each other bc she put us at the same table and diagnol from each other. (sorry abt the bad grammar and spelling i swear im not in 1st grade)

but theres a problem.

i only have one class with the guy i like, and that just happens to be the only class i have with my best friend (who's also a guy). i'm pretty sure they don't like each other because they never talk to each other. they both give each other dirty looks sometimes when one of them is talking to me without the other one.

so i have the class i'm in with them last. most of the time i walk with my best friend and sometimes the guy i like walks with us too. but about a week ago, i was talking to the guy i like before the bell rang and we got up to walk out together. i was looking around for my best friend so i could walk with him too.

however, he literally BOLTED out the door without me. i walked the rest of the way with my crush so it was fine, but i was still confused.

i'm not implying that my best friend is jealous of the guy i like. i already know he isn't because he's been flirting with this other girl in our friend group.

nonetheless, i need adviceeee. let me know what to do about my crush and also what to do about my bsf.

thx ;)
5 days ago
So I searched it up and it says that it's homophobic bullying and I'm seriously scares for school cuz I don't wanna be attacked on that way again. What do I do?
5 days ago
Ok so this I stotally unrelated with love but I rlly need answers quickly plz 💜

So I'm bi and supper lgbt+ and so do others in my class. So it goes like this:

We r in PSHE and our teacher asks us to day something that we want to learn in future lessons in PSHE. When it cake to my turn I said lgbt+. Everyone kind of reacted a little but no one did anything bad or anything. So afterwards we were in Science a little while later and Ryan is a boy who sits near me. He started having a go at me cuz I said lgbt+ in PSHE🙁 then at lunchtime, he started having a go at me as well and so did the other boys. They keep saying that they're not homophobic cuz it's their religion and I respect that but they don't have to be so mean about it. They even kicked my friends out of the class group chat cuz they were gay. Plz can u help me cuz Idk what to do and if I tell a teacher then they will tell my parents and they're homophobic so that not good.
Thanks so much if u can help me 😃
5 days ago
I like a cute Mexican guy. He likes me and i think i might be in love with him. He doesn't want a relationship with any girl. But, he wants me to move in a house with other room mates. I don't want to live with the girl he flirt with. And another guy that makes fun of me. Should I still be his friend or let him go not talk him anymore. And just forsced on me. Any advice would be good.
11 days ago
@the QuizzyAddict
Just a little.

But he actually does that and you aren't a troll then leave him.
12 days ago
Ok sorry I went a bit too far with that
12 days ago
Marie I agree with u.
12 days ago
If you are a troll then stfu if not leave
13 days ago
The sassiest girl and idc
Oh well hi
Get out if here trollcuz this isn't the right place for u. I saw u there on that period quiz and u got defeated by Isla now it sir time to get defeated BY ME
13 days ago
Ok sisters so I told ma problem to that period quiz and those sisters didn't take it seriously BUT it's serious as 💗.
So ma handsome prince charming and I r dating (like obviously cuz I'm so hot like he says) but I ALWAYS need to go cuz of ma period and ma boi hates it and it's like my last chance with him and Jakey said that if I go again ten it's the end for me AND he's been in jail cos he sexually abused a woman.

14 days ago
He is cute we dated before
16 days ago
16 days ago
Wait they're the same for me as well...
That's fricking odd
17 days ago
Why are all the new comments deleted for me?
40 days ago
Hey everyone as u r here plz can u do my quizzes I will be very grateful
My name is TheQuizzyAddict
40 days ago
Omg I'm hiding from my dad I think he's gonna lose it tonight :(
40 days ago
Hehehehheehehehehehehhe Marie thx what's his name is it cute? 😃
40 days ago
@TheQuizzyAddict if you need a crush theres one where i live 😂 that way he can stop staring at me jk
41 days ago
Also I've kinda got a problem. Well my bestest ever friend is lesbian (and I don't mind that as long as she's happy) and she's going out with another girl in my class but I feel a certain dislike for that girl rn SO MUCH and idk y. Is it just jealousy? I'm so confused can somebody plz help me?