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Does he like you? (Body language)



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Does my crush like me?

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Does He Like You?

Does he like you? (Middle School Edition)

Does he/she like you?

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LiahLoveHelp (09317)
37 days ago
Can someone help me?
Ragna (38247)
37 days ago
his name is Case yes Case not Chase or Casey and we are according to him because he started it playing tag but he likes this other girl A LOT MORE THAN ME AND IM MAD and we always do the two laps around the track together with his other friend witch I also like and I'm the only girl in out trio but Aiden his friend does more track things with me but also like the same girl as Case 💗rk BUT Aiden always smiles at me or slaps me on the back in the halls(him and Case are a grade ahead) or. A high five somethingCase just sayshi Mykahor something else then Mykahheeeellp
A Clever Lynx (38247)
37 days ago
So im not very crtain at all he likes me but eh and unlike every one else I'll say his actual name and no it's not purple, napkin, or blue square.. it's Judah and he has complimented me twice now and I'm pretty sure took a picture of me (why?) He is always staring and he's not a shy guy but barley talks to me hes like the most popular kid and he talks to a million popular girls and I'm like if I was popular-er he's talk to me more and I am working my way to popularity but eh. Whenever I say something like "ya I can do that" hes will somehow hear and be like "do it" and I do and he's impressed-ish I guess I'm somehow always sitting near a friend of his and he'll come over but blahhh. When he says a joke hell state t me to see if I laugh and if it's a inappropriate joke ill state at him and make a grim face and he'll be like "(my name) gets it" do ya think he likes me?
Cora (77512)
37 days ago
He likes me for who I am and he's ok(:
Girlyproblems101 (49601)
38 days ago
My crush just keeps asking me stuff trying to get closer and while we are in 5th grade I might move and I'm friends with everyone including him and his friends everybody in our class knows who he likes and asks if I like him. Out of everybody our class he asked me to read his and his friend/cousin's article
Sienna (06888)
41 days ago
He is so cute, he is nice, and he is funny
Logoflufe (92332)
43 days ago
Cough (92332)
44 days ago
Lol my crush, lets name him napkin, has been really popular with the higher grade girls but only acts different around me .3.
Rosa (53002)
46 days ago
I wanna know if we Compatible
Do you guys think he like me? (75517)
47 days ago
I like this boy he was dating one of my friends. They broke up and my friend made me go apologize to him for her(#friendoftheyear) he said he still liked her but didn’t he said he also liked two other girls. I think the two other girls are me and another girl(we will call her Jenna) he taps to me and Jenna all the time!!!! And one time me and jenna were both talking and his friends were laughing at us and one of them walked over and said: like your friends. He just looked at them really madly and walked away and punched one of the guys on the shoulder . Do you guys think he likes me???
Weirdo (49601)
48 days ago
There's a sidekick who says my crush likes me but won't admit it. What the heck does that mean?
Emotional Mess (01579)
50 days ago
UPDATE: This update is big, my crush asked me out and we are dating now but friends keep making it awkward between us like this afternoon my best friend dragged me to him so we can walk to the bus. I like him a lot and I’m happy we are together but I’m still nervous and shy around him. What should I do? (〃ω〃) PEACE OUT *drops the mic*
Songwriter19 (19964)
51 days ago
there a boy who’s name is, u know what, I’ll call him purple. Purple has been complimenting me in gym class and he smiles at me sometimes. Anyway the other night purple sent me a message on Instagram regarding my singing account and the songs that I write and post on that account. His direct words were “I’m not joking this music is amazing keep it up!” Does he like me?
Red (15150)
55 days ago
I’m very very gay and I have this crush on a kid named... well I’ll leave his name out of this but for now I’ll call him blue square. Blue square alawase is looking at me during English and I stare back then I look back at my paper and continue my work. I’m pretty sure he is straight but I still have a feeling inside my gut that he is gay or even bi but I’m probably wrong , I know this has nothing to do with the test but I need to tell someone/ thing.
Memphis (35540)
55 days ago
I did it. And. I Have a boyfriend that I test on here
Someone (98561)
58 days ago
HELP!i rly like this guy and he is the most popular kid in school and I'm pretty sure he doesn't like me but idk if I should ask him out or not! And you know what's weird? He is a grade higher than me but only a month older than me!!!
Kendra (34174)
58 days ago
I don’t know if someone in my class likes me he will make laugh and my friends and his friends try to get us together I don’t know what to do?
Meh (36228)
61 days ago
💖🌈 (73342)
61 days ago
I have this boy that I’m going out with but then I’m thinking about breaking up with me and plus he knows and speaks to a lot of girls and sometimes me and him don’t even speak some days PLZ HELP ((epurple))
army bts (49857)
62 days ago
there's this boy who is in one of my classes, he's friends with one of my friends so he always comes up to us, but when she leaves he stays and talks to me? he used to say stuff like, "your handwriting is really pretty" and "you're so good at that" but then afterwards say "don't worry im not hitting on you i have a girlfriend". anyway yesterday he told my friend he had a crush on me, but he still can't even remember my name or pronounce it right! news flash: i hate him. how do i tell him i don't want anything to do with him?