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Because we are all in when it comes to equality of the sexes, we've dedicated an entire section to all the guys out there who are wondering, "Does SHE like ME?" You read right, gentlemen! We have more than 330 quizzes here dedicated to nothing but figuring out if the female of your dreams just might be into you, too.
What's great about this section is, although many of the tests were created by fellas, for fellas, there are also a lot of quizzes here authored by girls. Because who knows girls better than other girls? They just want to help you out, because they know it's rough out there. Ambiguity in romantic relationships is part of the fun - but it can also be pretty frustrating.
So, your search for clarity in love just might be over! There are enough quizzes in this section that, if you're honest while taking them, you should be able to get a pretty good idea of where you stand - or whether you should just keep walking. Good luck and have fun finding out, "Does she like me?"

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“Does she like you?” (Made by a Girl)

Does SHE like YOU back?

Does SHE like YOU back?

Does my Lesbian Friend Like me Back? (Lesbian girls only)

Does She Like Me? (By A Girl - 100% accurate)

Does she love you? (Written for guys)

Does She Really Like Me? (Ages 10 to 16)

Does She Really Like Me? (Ages 10 to 16)

Does My Girlfriend Really Love Me?

Does My Girlfriend Really Love Me?

Does shy girl like you? Middle school

Does She Like Me The Way I Like Her? (Boys Ages 10-13 Only!)

Does She Like Me The Way I Like Her? (Boys Ages 10-13 Only!)

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23 hours ago
I’m a girl and idk why I’m on here. But boys, I need help because IM GETTING MIXED SIGNALS! So this guy came to my school and I thought he was cute. After a while I heard that he liked me. But then he told me he liked me and I freaked. I said nothing and was a complete wimp. Everyone wanted us to date but I wasn’t really ready for that ( I know.. I’m a wimp ) And then a few months later while we were on the bus playing truth or dare, he said he liked my friend Bridget. Bridget HATES him. But the guy always sits next to me. What do I do? Does he like me still?
9 days ago
Really quite enjoy reading these “how to know if someone likes you” pages at the moment. Every page seems to have a lot of similarities but are also different. Another one I found which I quite liked was -to-tell-if-someone-likes-you.html … seems to be a millionaire dating site but this article is about the same topic and was quite a nice read. I imagine the “how to know” feeling is the same between both rich and poor, haha.
12 days ago
Hey Guys! I'm Piano Keys, I give advice on the "Does he like me" homepage and on some of the quizzes! I will gladly give anyone advice if they need it. Since I am a girl, I pretty much know what's going on. I will try to be on daily!

51 days ago
I have no idea why I'm on a boys' site but if any of y'all like paper mario or lego movies go search my name in "my tests" at the bottom of this page, thanks. I'm just trying to get commenters for my quizzes and fan fics. Thanks again!
52 days ago
here is some advice on how to get a girl to like you and how to tell if she likes you or if she is flirting
here is some advice!!!👇

if you don't talk👇

1. She is looking at you a lot and if you look back she blushes and looks away
if you don't talk👇

2. she is always walking around where you are
if you don't talk👇

3. she smiles a lot even if it is not at you
if you talk👇

1. She never makes eye contact
if you talk👇

2. crosses her legs hand in lap when talking to you
if you talk👇

3. Laughs at you all the time even if your not making a joke
is she flirting?👇

1. plays with her hair
is she flirting?👇

2. crosses her legs
is she flirting?👇

3. Helps other people a lot more than usual

i hope this helps you guys!!!👍😊
52 days ago
Hello everyone i'm a girl so i will give you guys advice if you want i have a crush so i know how to see if a girl likes you OK just ask! 👍
69 days ago
ThatGirlInTheCorner, thanks. I've been needing some advice on that for a while now, and none of my other friends had given me any advice.
69 days ago
Purple guy
She might still like you but u probably either broke her heart or something but I can’t say anything cuz I have been doing the same exact thing to a guy and HE says he likes nobody so I mean you could tell her so that she knows and maybe she might start liking you again cuz that CAN happen but if u can’t build up the courage just look for signs and stuff.
70 days ago
I might need a bit of help. To any readers reading this, a few months ago, my crush and one of my friends (A girl, just so you know) were (I guess, I couldn't hear them talking) talking about who their crushes were. Immediately, my friend turned around and said "_______ likes you." A little bit later, I admitted that I liked my crush, and my friend started trying to get us to date. I was too embarrassed, so I kept on saying no. 6 months later, I realized that I made a mistake. (You: Well, finally.) So as you can see, I need a little bit of help. Any ideas?
98 days ago
Boys, if you want your crush to like you back, it's very simple. You don't have to be the most insanely cute guy at your school to get any girl you want to like you back. First off, be out going. Don't be so out going that your weird and creep us out though. Be super duper nice. You want to be so nice, that she actually thinks you care. This boy who I like is soooooo nice to me and because of that, I couldn't stop thinking about him. I'm not necessarily in love you with for his looks though, it more because her got a great personality and smile😍
164 days ago
We met in an art
class an year ago and I have been struck by her ever since. We still attend the art class but now we are in same class in school too(Don't ask me how). So far all I have done is become her friend, but i fear i wouldn't progress further than that stage.
Me: straight-A, artist, jokester, energetic, can manipulate bullies so always out of their list.
A few days ago, after the art class, the person supposed to pick me up was late(my cycle was out for repairing), so she offered me to wait to wait at her home(it was near) and even proposed to give me her number. In some weird moment of chivalry(that i regret now) I rejected both the offers. ;-(
I dont know if this was a hint.
Any help is appreaciated as I
absolutely love her.
168 days ago
Im a girl and i came here for a boys perspective there's this kid who I am almost 99% sure he liked me last year, and I liked him back. He stared at me and acted nervous around me. Now he likes this other girl, but he may still be giving me signs that he likes me.
Thx for your help.
206 days ago
I’m dating her but I don’t think she likes me anymore
226 days ago
I know I should be reading these and plz don't judge and btw I really like you to help? but you should really make a first move
226 days ago
sooo true Melissa if u tell a girl you like her and she dosent like you back she might end up liking you just cause you liked her first.
I mean it worked for me
233 days ago
im bi....i wanna know if i girl likes me. is this reallllly gonna be true for a les or bi person?!?
238 days ago
I can't find one for girls either. 😟.
240 days ago
Hello I’m bored is anyone else online?
If so hello
240 days ago
I’m bored
What about anyone else?
240 days ago
I can't find a "Does She Like Me" quiz for girls. They are all based on how girls react when they like a boy.