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Because we are all in when it comes to equality of the sexes, we've dedicated an entire section to all the guys out there who are wondering, "Does SHE like ME?" You read right, gentlemen! We have more than 330 quizzes here dedicated to nothing but figuring out if the female of your dreams just might be into you, too.
What's great about this section is, although many of the tests were created by fellas, for fellas, there are also a lot of quizzes here authored by girls. Because who knows girls better than other girls? They just want to help you out, because they know it's rough out there. Ambiguity in romantic relationships is part of the fun - but it can also be pretty frustrating.
So, your search for clarity in love just might be over! There are enough quizzes in this section that, if you're honest while taking them, you should be able to get a pretty good idea of where you stand - or whether you should just keep walking. Good luck and have fun finding out, "Does she like me?"

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Does she like you? 10 - 13!

Does She Like Me? (ACCURATE)

Does She Like Me? (ACCURATE)

Does SHE like YOU back?

Does she like you?

Does she like you?

Does she like me?

DOES SHE LIKE YOU (By a girl, 100% accurate)

Does she feel the same way?

Does she really like you?(10-16 yrs old)

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Cutie Locks (37041)
32 days ago
The numbers at the end of your username are your device code. So if you started commenting on another device, your number would change.
If you boys need help I'm a girl and I've won my crush around so I might be able to help you out...
No,im not telling it. (68247)
32 days ago
I meant Karma
I did not mean larma, i meant Karma
No,im not telling it. (68247)
32 days ago
I like Larma *GOOD* She always asks me of i like her and I just blushed. She always wants to be my partner on groups
She probably likea me.
No,im not telling it. (68247)
32 days ago
Riley (00960)
44 days ago
(Yes I am a BOY) Oh Middle School... there is this girl her name is Erin which I denied I liked her for a month and a half, before giving up and being like, "Yep! I do like her!" And she is kinda there, kinda isn't, but she does laugh at my jokes... a lot... I talk a lot in class, and it drawes her attention, and also am one of the best looking 7th Graders in my school, so I think she does have a chance of liking me!
Fact No Experience (93808)
108 days ago
Oh, must be location?
Hmm (93808)
108 days ago
What are the numbers at the end of the username?
Fact no Experience (93808)
113 days ago
I gave you advice in the comments in this test:
RAh (42270)
115 days ago
basically I've had a crush on a girl at school for a year but everyone thinks I'm quiet so I haven't asked her out because everyone would talk and make fun. However she likes talking to me for example when get put into a seating plan on the table she always talks slot to me. She has smiled at me a couple of times. I really really love her and I think we are really similar. I dream about her loads but can't have the courage to ask her out. I can't stop looking at her. I'm in year 10. What should I do and does she like me?
I Am becoming restless now.
Mackenzie (68635)
121 days ago
I once had a crush on a kid at my school called Josh and everyday we would hide at the back of the school were no one would see us and we would share our lunch. Then he asked me if i wanted to be his girlfriend and I was so blown away I said "ham" even though I was meant to say "YES!!! I WOULD LOVE THAT!!!
annie (60509)
121 days ago
hi i am annie you are so nice but i love my fans so don't think i don't love you
How to use (93808)
123 days ago
Just testingJust testing text
Yhor (96132)
127 days ago
Hello noobs ÷( lol
Jake (61327)
153 days ago
I Can't believe she doesn't like me ! What's wrong with me I thought I was cute 😕 she's the hottest girl in my class to me. Of course someone else likes her and she thinks that he's wayyyy cuter than me :( I wish she could be mine ! 😞🙍💑
JMS (34144)
157 days ago
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JMS (34144)
157 days ago
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skum (89192)
158 days ago
yea but you wish you were weird like that, "a man"
a man (48010)
159 days ago
Bob your WEIRD
T N Kotze (15816)
166 days ago
Does she like like me
Diana. (75542)
168 days ago
Are there any for the lesbians/bi/pan/other on this website?