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Can I date my friend's ex?

Are you flirty?

A date with her

Should you tell him you like him?

How to ask him/her out

What do you find attractive in a girl? *For Boys*

Should you ask him out?

What Do Guys Think Of You?

What Do Guys Think Of You?

Love and Charm

Do You Need To Tune Up Your Flirting Skills? GIRLS ONLY

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bell (69486)
18 hours ago
Allison it is me Bell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Allison (42456)
15 days ago
There is this guy I like but it is my boyfriend best friend. I love my boyfriend but I like mine and his friend. We are all good friends and we all like each other more then friends. But they only know that I like one of them cause I'm dating him lol.... HELP, I'm CONFUSED
Ria (62834)
64 days ago
I have a adorable puppy 🐶 Breed:boxer
Cutie Locks (98889)
68 days ago
Woah Mia... Chill girl...
Mia (92512)
91 days ago
This is screwed 😛😡