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How in love are you?

Does your best friend have a crush? (Read description)

How much in love are you?

Is it worth loving him (For girls)?

How do you know you are in love? (Girls Only)

Are You Falling In Love?

Who’s your true love?

How "in love" are you?

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326 days ago
Hello, people! I just wrote a couple "fanfics." I'd appreciate it if you could check it out! (It's under Code Name Sophie Lacroix)
497 days ago
there is this guy i like a lot but likes my best friend. i try to be casual around him because i am afraid he does not like me back. the problem is TONS of girls like him so i dont want to just be another girl on his list if i do tell him.
510 days ago
i like this one guy... i don't talk to him very often, almost never, but i kind of know what he's like. he has a gf, and they are both aware... im scared to even look at him. when i do, he catches me and looks back. i quickly avert my gaze to my friends. im pretty positive he doesn't feel the same. im cursed
530 days ago
Sadly, My Best friend friendzoned me. But I'm not giving up on him! I still love him with all my heart!
639 days ago
I love someone but its secret
829 days ago
I like this guy and he likes me toooooooo very much so do iiiiiiiiiiiiiii
937 days ago
I mean that I know he likes me but I kind of like him
937 days ago
I kind of like this guy but I know he likes me for sure
1377 days ago
I love him because he loves me and respects me
1661 days ago
I love him because of who he is
1748 days ago
i am in love with this girl I don't now if she likes me