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Am I The Jealous Type? (In Relationships)

Am I The Jealous Type? (In Relationships)

''Does My Crush Like My Best Friend?'' Quiz

Girls is your guy friend's girlfriend jealous of you?

Are you the Jealous Type?

Does he like someone else?

How Jealous are you?

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743 days ago
In your motherfreaking face Mia
743 days ago
OMG. Tots not jelly ex bf ( boyfriends) new gal reckons I'm jealous of her
841 days ago
great i am not but bt dubs my ex best friend totally is lol
874 days ago
Jeraldean, I don’t think an adult would say there not the “jelly” type, rather than “jealous”
925 days ago
ok are you a kid or a adult
925 days ago
Hi people how are you guys it my first time on here
1036 days ago
great i'm not d jelly type