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Love or Lust?

Love or just sex?

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Desirae Lancaster (25435)
16 hours ago
Do I have powers quiz
Carmen (36184)
20 days ago
Always nice and friendly
katleyn (41528)
21 days ago
he wants to have💗(eew)
Grace Ball (98112)
35 days ago
You are totally right, all he wants is 💗
Bob (72843)
83 days ago
How do you know if your gay or bi curious
Usama (45689)
85 days ago
I love her but I can't tell her she treat me like a brother....?????
anominus (76326)
90 days ago
who would
sdfgh (66599)
109 days ago
Magreth (14019)
137 days ago
I'm not sure weather he loves me or just to have💗with me... Sometimes he good to me sometime bad.