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Love or Lust?

Love or just sex?

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Flower (36091)
9 hours ago
Honestly don't just go for 💗 I'm 15-18 and well high school is a mess just wait. Kissing and making out and what's personally okay should be good. But girls💗too young effs you up.
ur boi JACKSON (23523)
15 days ago
Bell (55234)
31 days ago
Hey Ricky your so fine that you just blow my mind hey Ricky!! Hey hey hey Rickly!
ricky (65072)
54 days ago
I love a girl but dont know how to tell her i want to have sex
Pride (65628)
74 days ago
Also a girl my self I have a 2 people who know
Pride (65628)
74 days ago
I am only 10-12 but want to have a relationship with a girl in my class
Mia (71381)
141 days ago
Oh and btw a good gf is someone that isn’t a slut, stalker, hoe, and a mean person in general
Mia (71381)
142 days ago
Hahahahaha lol 😂
Zakary Robinette (09285)
143 days ago
I am only 13 and I have made out a bunch with my girlfriend
Alexis Edley (84663)
153 days ago
what is a good girlfrind
Rozy (22544)
160 days ago
So weird because it is improper attitude
Desirae Lancaster (25435)
179 days ago
Do I have powers quiz
Carmen (36184)
198 days ago
Always nice and friendly
katleyn (41528)
200 days ago
he wants to have💗(eew)
Grace Ball (98112)
214 days ago
You are totally right, all he wants is 💗
Bob (72843)
261 days ago
How do you know if your gay or bi curious
Usama (45689)
264 days ago
I love her but I can't tell her she treat me like a brother....?????
anominus (76326)
269 days ago
who would
sdfgh (66599)
287 days ago
Magreth (14019)
316 days ago
I'm not sure weather he loves me or just to have💗with me... Sometimes he good to me sometime bad.