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Should You Confess To Your Crush?

Should You Confess To Your Crush?

Should I Ask My Crush Out?

Should You Ask Him Out?

Should I Ask Her Out?

Should I Ask Her Out?

Should You Ask Him Out?

Why Hasn't He Asked You Out Yet?

Should you ask him out?

Should I ask him out?

Should You Ask Them Out?

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146 days ago
Ok so I'm gay and I've liked a girl named Kaely on my softball team for a while now. She has this adorable laugh and always tries to hide it when we talk and she usually plays with her hair or messes with the bottom of her Jersey. My friend Ella(also on the team) says she always pays attention to me when I'm practicing sliding between games and giggles to herself. There was this one time a couple days ago where Ella was calling me a chicken for not talking to my crush when Kaely was right there. 30 min later Ella tells me that Kaely asked who I liked and Ella lied and said someone from my school. I guess she seemed pretty disappointed and was like "oh." I really want to know for sure if she likes me because I dont want to ruin our friendship by making her uncomfortable so y'all should give your opinion on this.
161 days ago
Today my friends dared me to ask my crush out tomorrow and I'm so nervous
167 days ago
Jackson, I know you will never see this, but I really like you. You probably do not know I exist, as you are the most popular guy in 6th grade. We only have P.E. together, but a few times after History or Science, you have held the door open for me and said hi. If you do know I exist, you probably know from a while ago when I won second place in outs. Please like me back. Please ask me to the dance.
- A very unpopular girl
328 days ago
So I’m in Yr 7 and there is this boy he’s cute and funny but he’s only acting that way to me. A lot of people told me that he likes me and he thinks I like him back the thing is I don’t want to make him sad. The thing is that I think I’m starting to like him too what should I do?
388 days ago
Ok, so I'm in 7th grade, and there's this really attractive guy in my Algebra class. We have assigned seats and we have to sit next to each other. He is always "accidentally" brushing his arm against mine, and whenever I get irritated by him and move my desk away, he always uses his foot to pull the desk back towards him again. Once, he even pulled it back and leaned up against me and said, "I know you want to be close to me sweetheart." It's so cute and funny, but I act like I hate him because one of my friends is at the same table, and I never tell any of my friends who my crush is because once when I did, it ended up all over the school. So, should I secretly date him?
473 days ago
EH this is..... well

579 days ago
dear gabe,
you're never going to see this so here goes -
i really like you. a LOT. i can't stop talking about you, i can't even stop thinking about you! i really look forward to when we hang out at lunch and whenever we talk in the hallways i'm always grinning like a dummy after you leave. i really, really, really like you. and i hope you like me back.
620 days ago
this suckkkssss.i really like my crush but my friend likes him too she say "you deserve him"one dsy the next day she says" hands off,he is MINE!" i going to redrum her.(redum'll see hee hee)JK she is too much of a good listener and friend.sorta.camren almost kissed me though he is like (retarded voice)bluh i am camren and i am weird. but know he is not retarded.NOPE.she keeps telling me "ask him out'll make a cute look good together" i even wrote his name on my hand and drew a heart around it.
628 days ago
This boy has told me that he likes me . But you should not be sad if he Is not in to you his lose . Last year there was this boy and I liked him but he did not like me back . I found out he was a big very mean person.
678 days ago
I don’t know if I like this guy who asked me to a dance
695 days ago
This article didnt help at all :-(
698 days ago
I like this boy in my class and he knows I do but he keeps saying he doesn't like me :(
733 days ago
I have only started yr7 there is a boy that is very flirty in a friendly way but his annoying what do I do
952 days ago
I like this boy on my block and he just makes me smile too much! And I just really wanted to know if I had a chance 😊
969 days ago
I'm 12 years old. There's this boy named Rolando and he's the cutest boy at school and I have a big crush on him and I don't know what to do.
1385 days ago
I don't know about this