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How much do you stalk your crush?

Are you in love or are you a stalker?

Do You Stalk Your Crush?

Are You Stalking Your Crush?

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Darth Vader style no (17863)
49 days ago
Don’t do it. I got the email address of the girl I like (supposedly, anyway) from some guy who calls himself The Seeker. Ever since, I’ve been tempted to send her an email or something. It’s just a mess. Believe me. I haven’t stalked her, but once someone finds out you like someone, you get some weirdo who claims to have the email address of the person you love.
RR (97489)
157 days ago
I don't stalk him because i can't he is an anime character and yes i have pictures of l lalwliet .
Clueless (84084)
213 days ago
What about other people stalking u? Do they like me or......?