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Are you happy with him?

Is he REALLY interested in you?

Is he REALLY interested in you?

Does he deserve you?

Does he deserve you?

Does My Current Boyfriend Still Care? (middle schoolers)

Is your crush flirty?

Is your boyfriend bored of you?

Will your guy be gay? (For girls.)

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lexie (54841)
87 days ago
I love a boy named Noah. if you are reading this i love you a lot and i'm obsessed. i hope you feel the same and i hope you liked the kiss that i gave you in the hall at school the other day.
Serenna (88967)
246 days ago
dear Matthew merry Christmas to all of your family don't forget about my dinner date with you
I love you we should go to London for a few days away I will look up prices at the hotel
Gracie S (82566)
276 days ago
this is amazing I have done many quizzes on this sight and they all showed the same result
know I know my crush actually likes me
used to be clueless
Christina Bella Roy (95902)
482 days ago
Hi, I have a Boyfriend name 'Nick' & I'm just using him actually i dont like him or love him. And We talk on Internet like Kik, FB, twitter etc.. and i'm just sick of him. he kinda boring like he dose not know how to love. Yeah i agree he's handsome, cute but i don't like him anymore!
So i decide that I'm breakup with him, but how? He don't aspect that!
And mainly i have another bf in my school! His name is Omit and i luv him very much so, How i breakup with Nick!?.....
keltum (33242)
680 days ago
Hi my husband keep silent i dont know why i want to know if he have a chike
Angel (68497)
683 days ago
Hi,i av a boyfriend called jecas,he always say am sweet n am somehow different frm other gals he av ever been with.We av spent 6months but he doesnot give me care even i tell em that am sick he just say sorry,he rarely calls me and the he talks i heart breaking.May be e has somebody else
Katlego (84699)
908 days ago
I have a boyfriend friend he always calls me each and every day and his the sweetest guy. But the only thing I want to knw is that does he have side chick
Sanskriti (55898)
998 days ago
i haVe a boyfriend rohan but i really dont now tha i really love her i like prince from standard first i dont no whom did i say yes