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OK, these quizzes MIGHT getting some couples fighting. Not that we want that - but with titles like, "Is She a Skank?" "Is She Seeing Someone Else?" and "Is She Using Me?" some friction is probably inevitable. (Yikes!)
But if you're not up for controversy with your main squeeze, don't panic. There are also quizzes here that are a little more tame. Like "The Date Quiz" "How Much Does She Mean To Me?" and "Is She My Hottie?" (Whew!)
So, as you probably guessed, this section is for couples - tests guys can take, or have their girlfriends/wives take (if you dare). The results should get you two talking about important relationship stuff. Which is why you're here, right? To learn about and/or to fix your relationship? We think that's admirable. Try our quizzes now and get started on those #relationshipgoals!

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The Ultimate Girlfriend

The Ultimate Girlfriend

How much does she mean to you?

Truth in a relationship

Truth in a relationship

Is She Your Hottie?

The Date Quiz

Is He/She Right for you?

Is she using you?

Is She Digging You?

Is your Girlfriend seeing someone else?

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