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23 days ago
@ limu emu
can you like, get off of this website? thanks
36 days ago
i feel like all of you are going to hell and yall going to burn realllllllllll bad so i hope you enjoy the fresh air while your on earth
37 days ago
Ok someone help me
I find girls cute but I haven't really crushed on any... as far as I would go with other girls would be kissing

BUT I don't find many boys attractive tho I would probably still have💗with them...
I'm confused someone please help me
(Also I'm under 16, just thought I might add that)
48 days ago
I'm bisexual I'm dating someone the same💗as me her name is reese
72 days ago
I am a lesbian. This actually helped because I was debating if I was bi or les
74 days ago
I am more attractive to girls than boys and i still cant wrap my head around it
87 days ago
I think girl turn me on more then guys
122 days ago
Ive been debating about my sexuality for a long while. I finally found two that I fit into; Pansexual and Bisexual. I want to tell my mom but she'll think "Oh you don't actually feel that way, you just want to fit into the trend." And I don't, I am truly either Pan or Bi, but I don't know how to tell her and decide for sure on whether I' Pan or Bi.
129 days ago
You are probably gynesexual, which means you lean more towards girls but you like boys too, Or you could be pansexual! idk srry hope this helped
139 days ago
142 days ago
Dreamer16 it sounds like you are pansexual. It means you like all genders. It's ok to like one gender more than others.nom bi curious but still questioning and I like boys more than girls mostly because I'm afraid how my dad will act
146 days ago
I think I’m bi because theirs this friend I have and she is soo cute and I have a crush on her but I think she’s straight 😢 or asexual and I also have a crush on a boy and he is also soo cute but Idk,and I want to tell my parents so so bad,but I used to joke around saying I’m gay or bi by being like “I’M GAY I’m happy” you know since gay used to mean happy and one time in a morning I was sad because I felt like I wanted to be homeschooled (long story) and my mom asked “are you gay or something” and I said “NO” and I regret it now and want to tell her I’m bi,But I just can’t I feel the courage,then it justs sinks I know this long,but I just wanna come out to my fam and my brother is SUPER Republican,and says he wishes all gays,trans,and whatever else, was dead and my mom gets angry and says you shouldn’t wish death on anyone and he gets mad...anyway end of story.At the end of the day,I just wanna come out to my mom,my dad,and my family and when or if I do,I’ll be the first EVER LGBTQIA Community In my family and if I end up marry a girl I hope I HOPE it’s my friend that I see every day
168 days ago
I think that I am straight girl but I like guys until 25 y old and all the older seem not attractive to me.i always had crushes on boys and never to worrying about my future...😥plz God make me straight forever 🙏🙏🙏
179 days ago
Ok so I like all genders but I lean more towards feminine people so I have no clue what I am someone please help.
184 days ago
hey i see a couple people confused here so:
- if u don't feel sexual or romantic attraction at all that's totally okay and valid! i promise you're not broken, it's called being aromantic and/or asexual
- if u feel attraction to people regardless of gender but feel confused why, the term for that is pansexual/panromantic!! if you have a preference towards certain genders then that's okay! you're still valid!! (i'm pan so trust me on this lol)
187 days ago
Ummm... I’m a male but apparently I have a 10% to be lesbian I don’t have sexual or romantic attractions with anyone though so is my sexuality that I don’t have one. I’m soo confused!
190 days ago
194 days ago
I’m pretty sure I’m bisexual but I also like gender fluid people but have never liked a non binary person HELP💗💜💙
198 days ago
I think I might be trans, but I’m just so confused!
198 days ago
I think I'm gay