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Cloud (75264)
5 days ago
Hi, I am 15 and I don't know what I am and I don't really care...I am me and that all that matterd and I was so happy and girly lol...Then i started to realise that I like boys...I figured out I am pan and I was really deapresd (still am) because I didn't know what to do...One day my mom counfronted me and I cyried and cryied and I told her and she started saying I am to young to know and bieng pan is BS and that was when I was 13...I am now 15...I still feel the same and I come home and cry...I have friends but she moved me into a homeschool to take me away from them because they were supporting me...She even got me a counselor lol...I know she is trying her best to be a single mom but...I just need someone to hold me lol...I want to tell her I still feel the same can someone please help me... Thank you for reading this...
warrior man (34479)
6 days ago
hazah! as a heterosexual, i enjoy these farcical games, they fuel my 💗-enjoying power! now to fight with a sword! hazah!
benjamin (83309)
7 days ago
can you help me if i'm gay
John homely (55842)
10 days ago
I'm gay, more confirmation and relief
Anonymus Pan girl (98879)
18 days ago
Dear, Red
I'm Pan and facing the same problem. I think you might benefit from the advice I got from lesbian friends. Just tell them at a time when there is little stress. Give them time to process this new sexuality from you. They are your parents and they love you. This is kind of blindsiding them. NO MATTER WHAT DO NOT GET ANGRY OR DEFENSIVE. stay calm and explain how this is going to affect them and how they can support you. Do not fill the silence. let them speak after you speak. #staytruetoyoumybeautifulLGBTQASfriends
Red (15150)
22 days ago
Hi I’m red , I am gay. I need to come out to my parents but I don’t know how. I want to be happy in front of them but I feel like I can’t and I’m just annoyed and alawase depressed or mad and I think I know why . I think it’s because I haven’t told them and I have so many emotions bottled up. The weird thing is I’m happy when I’m with my friends and I think that’s because I’ve told them. I want to come out soon and it’s not like my parents are homophobic or anything, hell half of my moms friends are gay and almost all of my dads friends are lesbian and they seem so happy , not a care in the world or even a slight bit of anxiety or depression. So I don’t know why I’m so scared to come out. For now
Hugs and kisses from
manny (55842)
23 days ago
No doubts before this whether I was gay, all tests said the same
James (55842)
23 days ago
10 tests say gay, 2 say bi and one says striaght for some reason. I'm going with gay
Tommy gun (55842)
24 days ago
Gay is the only way to be
senvegali (55842)
24 days ago
I'm gay, finally. Now to come out to friends and family, wish me luck
jonny 5 (55842)
24 days ago
All but one says I'm gay. Fair enough I guess,
Dooder (35679)
25 days ago
Harry I feel you, I dont know how to come out either
disco (55842)
26 days ago


sam iles (48159)
27 days ago
im gay and i love lawrecne pulley
Hector (79850)
27 days ago
disco (55842)
28 days ago
Got to love the fact that I'm gay
Itsmepugg28 (34209)
29 days ago
hi my name is Lucas Michael and i am indeed gay
Janet (55842)
33 days ago
These tests really help me come to terms with myself
Anonymous Boy (27962)
36 days ago
I can’t wait to see my boyfriend! He’s so cute!
I'm a lesbian (91971)
37 days ago
Good luck to all of you trying to figure out your sexuality! No quiz can tell you for sure, but at some point you will know yourself. There is no hurry! Take your time, take a deep breath, and let yourself question. You will figure yourself out eventually and you will find people that accept you (even if you haven't met them yet)