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Is your significant other a manipulator?

Does My Male Teacher Have A Crush On Me?

Does My Male Teacher Have A Crush On Me?

What's Your Secret Fetish?

What's Your Secret Fetish?

The "Should You Take A Relationship Quiz?" Quiz

How many people crush on you?

Do I really like him? [for tween, teen girls]

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322 days ago
yeah... the guy I had a crush on who was dating my best friend just dumped her and I don't know what to do since I might still have feelings for him and he used to like me be4 I liked him so now I don't know what's going on. help!
348 days ago
Wow........ šŸ’— bush you got it good
348 days ago
You help missing plz? Dude
380 days ago
Hey kate. Can u tell me the last name of brodie? There is a missing kid and i need his last name
392 days ago
I love this one boy named Brodie and he loves me. If there was any competition he wants me. I just don't know how to tell him/ask him out!! can I get some help??
423 days ago
So I really like this guy but idk if he likes me ;-; Iā€™m very saddddd šŸ˜­šŸ˜­
463 days ago
Why is this mainly for girls?
632 days ago
I dont get why i dont have a boyfriend