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All you need is love, sang The Beatles back in the day. It‘s true that to love and be loved are probably the two most important things in everyone’s life.
But what should you do if you’re not sure whether you’re in Love with a capital L, or just having a fling on your way to The Real Thing? These tests will help you separate your emotions from your more rational thoughts. Easier said than done, we know... but once you do, you‘ll learn your love’s (or fling’s) true essence. Then you’ll know whether you’re headed for the altar -- or need to update your dating resume.
Or maybe you’re not currently in a relationship, and are just here to test your knowledge. Think you’re an expert on love and sex? Prove it by acing our tests! Find out whether Johnny Depp would be your perfect match (as you’ve always suspected!) or which Harry Potter character would be the best bae. Check it all out here now!

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Mackenzie (59765)
63 days ago
Thslittlegrl (02534)
65 days ago
I don’t know what to do!! I like 2 different boys and one of them is cute & funny, the other one is gorgeous and romantic. But today I was talking with them, and it was just so awkward I just ranted random stuff and I was so awful! What am I going to do?!?!?!?!???
Hi (30025)
67 days ago
I rly like this boy. Right from the beginning of middle school. His name is jack. OMG should I ask him out or just stand around like a loonatic??
Rose (54300)
67 days ago
i can’t wait to ask her out but I am afraid she will say no since I am a girl
Kourtni (58496)
68 days ago
Tbh I'm just here bcuz my bf broke up with me and two days later he replaced me like tf? Ouch ! But he claims he loved me and it hurt like hell moving on . ha! Yea right !!
Stcsstudent (67511)
69 days ago
I like him and I think he likes me.
He calls me his favorite friend and tries to sit next to me. He is always sooooo nice to me, and if other people are teasing me he'll stand up for me and tell me about what kind of similar problems he has. We also share favorites, in food and hobbies and skills. I wish I had the guts to tell him I like him but I'm a little nervous.

Oscar (55266)
70 days ago
I really like this new girl at my school. She's funny and has a high pitched laugh. She's cute and has shoulder length hair and her fav song is animals by maroon 5. I think she likes me. Should I ask her out?! Or just watch her be taken by the guys?
Nia (41016)
73 days ago
yeah i think that u should tell them
Mackenzie (40183)
73 days ago
Hi can everyone please send a love emoji or a "
Mackenzie (40183)
73 days ago
lauren, as I am a love expert tell you crush ur feelings and say what is needing to come out. Ok
Lauren Elizabeth (04525)
73 days ago
My crush and I aren't really friends but I like him. He's so sweet. My friends think that he likes me. When we talked at the All School Picnic, he and I had the same class after the picnic. I saw him all alone, so I took the chance to talk to him. We started walking up to class. We sat by the lockers and then my friend said hi to us. She then realized who I was talking to. She said that she would leave. We sat there in awkward silence. My friend was sending me a signal to say something. We had to go to class and then he fell. I feel like he fell to make me laugh. After class we were walking to our next class, he ran and bumped into one of my aggressive friends. They tried to fight, but I dragged my crush away. He's sending me mixed signals. What do I do????? HELP PLEASE
Autumn Finch (98600)
74 days ago
I took the test and it said strait even tho I know I am a lesbian
Kyra (32967)
74 days ago
I mean don't look into it too much too fast. I mean it could be good but just wait a little while.
Unnamed321 (76005)
75 days ago
My crush... Well, it wasn't going anywhere, so we're just friends now. But I think I'm falling for another guy. Help. Should I be liking more people so quickly? I don't want to rush into anything. But, we both have been flirting. A LOT!!!!!!! Should I be happy?
BigBreastedWoman (70891)
76 days ago
Anyone watch Albertsstuff? Or his new account Flamingo?
Sabrina (70891)
76 days ago
They said no💗ography content, they have quizzes about kinky and sex
Kyra (00122)
78 days ago
Dope dope😂😂😂😂😂😂😂imma try dis
Mackenzie (45819)
81 days ago
Also I forgot that u add your hair and crushes hair to the love potion before you freeze.
Mackenzie (45819)
81 days ago
Thnx firefoxrebel it actually works
#firefoxrebel (85038)
81 days ago
thats a cool potion