Are you addicted to online tests?

Well, are you?

Question 1:Do you think that you are addicted, first of all?
Hell yes!
A little... *sob*
No. (Hypocrite, why are you taking this test?)
What's an online test?

Question 2:Do you stay up at night thinking about the online test?
I do occasionally think about my answers, but they don't keep me up at night.
What? I told you, I don't know what you're talking about!

Question 3:Do you strive to take every online test on... ehem, the internet?
God, that's my lifelong dream. *tear runs down cheek*
Most of them.
I only take the ones that I like
God, you are loony.

Question 4:Do you take internet tests even though you don't know the subject or content?
As long as I take them all!
I have, a few times.
Not really, I stick to what I know
I don't even take them!
I'm confused!

Question 5:Do you like to post all your results?
A few I keep off, but mainly.
I told you, I don't take internet tests!
You can post these... online test results?

Question 6:Does it make you angry when you can't post your results, or the image won't show up.
Damn them...
It honestly annoys me.
I'm not really fussed. I only take them for fun.
Why did I decide to take this?

Question 7:Does it bother you when there are no images in your test results?
Why, God, why?
I'd prefer images in my results, so yes, a bit.
That's okay, I don't post results, I keep it to myself.
There are... images?

Question 8:Do you actively search for online tests?
Yes, and I'm only on page 24.
Not at all, I dislike them.

Question 9:What's the longest amount of time you've spent consecutively, taking quizzes?
4-5 hours.
3-2 hours
1 hour or less
Few minutes only
None at all.

Question 10:On a scale of one to five, five being the highest, how much do you love online tests?
1- borderline hate
2- they're okay
3- like 'em, don't love 'em.
4 or five- my heart's desire

Question 11:Do you have a favorite?
I like them all, equally.
I like some over others.
I don't like any. You suck!
How can you have a favorite when you don't know what they are?

Question 12:-entirely unrelated- Can you pick a color?

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