Are You Addicted to Your Cell Phone

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A simple quiz to determine if you are addicted to your cell phone.

  • 1
    You are doing something by yourself, and you hear your cell phone ringing. It is not in the same room as you. What do you do?
  • 2
    You find a vacation that you like where your cell phone will not get signal. Would you go?
  • 3
    You get a new job. On the first day you find out that you aren't allowed to have your cell phone in the work building. What do you do?

  • 4
    Where is your cell phone right now?
  • 5
    Do you text message?
  • 6
    What do you have your cell phone for?

  • 7
    Do you download ringtones on your phone?
  • 8
    Do you keep your phone near you when you are sleeping?
  • 9
    Do you rely on your cell phone to check the time?
  • 10
    You either have to live a week without your cell phone, or get a very painful shot at the doctor. What do you do?

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30 days ago
wdym "why would they talke this without a phone"?? I'ts called a C O M P U T E R, honestly... ;-;
415 days ago
Ok I have a couple things.
1: Why would someone take this quiz if they don’t have a cell phone?
2: being addicted to ur phone isn’t a bad thing, you just need to make sure you don’t go on it when you are supposed to be having a nice family time or when ur supposed to be sleeping like I am now

Yes I’m on my phone whilst I’m supposed to be sleeping, I’m very addicted. 😶
465 days ago
why would someone who doesnt have a self phone take this quiz? that choice of not having a self phone is a complete waste of time
472 days ago
You are dependent on your cell phone. You should be careful and monitor the amount that you use it.

lmao that is so ture
499 days ago
theres nothing wrong with being addicted, its not like drugs where it can damage your body or anything. anyways why tf would you take this quiz if you dont have a cellphone-
577 days ago
About the last question: lol I can’t live w out my phone but I was pretty much hyperventilating when I got my flu shot........
698 days ago
794 days ago
I am addicted to mom's cell phone
809 days ago
I was addicted to my cell phone 3 years ago, but luckily I am not anymore. I use my phone about 1 hour a day now, for being at😂 and for calling it texting my friends. I am very happy that I'm not addicted anymore.

How I came away:
First I just tried to put my cell phone into another room while eating, studying and sleeping. Then I started to work out regularly, and it helped me a lot, because I didn't have any thoughts about my cell phone while exercising.

Then I wrote all activities I could do without my cell phone into a small notebook and always when I was bored or wanted to go on my phone I opened it and found an something else to do.

That's how I slowly reduced my screen time from 18 hrs a day to 1 hr a day.

You can do it too!
Don't give up!!!!💪💪❤️
913 days ago
I am addicted to my cell phone and should seek help.... Seems right
1136 days ago
I am addicted to my cell phone. I need to monitor how much time i use on it...
1151 days ago
For goodness sake, I don't have a cell phone!
P.S. I am using my GRANDMA'S phone.
1204 days ago
I'm on my cell phone like right now and I will be on it for the rest of the day
1242 days ago
"You are addicted to your cell phone and should seek help" im offended sksksk
1272 days ago
I'm not addicted lol, I don't even want one
1494 days ago
We can get rid of phone addiction. Really! We can!
1536 days ago
I’m addicted and that’s what it said too....although I don’t think it’s right about me needing to seek help. I just like my phone ,ok? I don’t think I’m that addicted.... actually maybe I am .........NO HELP NEEDED THOUGH OK!!! HOW RUDE!😂💕
1540 days ago
Shots don't hurt to bad. Anyway supposedly I am a addicted to my phone
1544 days ago
um its just a shot... not that bad,,, obviously the shot because why would i choose to like a week without my phone when I could just get a dumb shot and ill have it...? Doesn't make sense to me.
1602 days ago
This is a very good test but you run through it really really quickly.On one of the questions it asks where your phone is eight now and I think that one is a bit silly but over all very good. (Ithe turns out I'm addicted to my phone)