Testaholic Quiz

Do you find yourself slumped over a computer taking tests all day? Click here to see how much of a testaholic you are.

Question 1:How long do you spend on a computer a day?
1 hour or less
1 - 2 hours
3 plus hours

Question 2:How many tests have you taken today on the internet?
7 plus

Question 3:How many quizzes do you plan on taking?
This is the only one
Until my fingers bleed from clicking the mouse so much
One more
Oh...about 5 more

Question 4:Do parents or a spouse often have to tell you to get off the computer?

Question 5:Do you sometimes take a test even if you have already done it before, just so you have something to do?

Question 6:On weekends are you usually home alone because your friends are out having fun and you're at home taking quizzes?
All the time
Occasionally when there is a good test to take
No way

Question 7:Do you cheat on tests just to make yourself look good?
If I had a bad day
No I'm comfortable with myself

Question 8:Do you find that the only thing you can talk about with your friends is what you got on the last quiz you took?
Friends...what friends?
No I find plenty of other things to talk about
Sometimes..if I took a really cool one
Yes because all my friends are testoholics like me

Question 9:Have you ever been in trouble at school because you go caught taking quizzes during class time?
Yes several times
Only once
No..I have better things to do

Question 10:When you're going home from work/school do you get excited to get on the computer and take new quizzes or tests?
Yes, I'm already excited for the one I'll take next
No that's stupid

Question 11:In your favorites folder do you find several web sites for quizzes and tests?
Yes all of them
Only a few

Question 12:Did you find this quiz to be boring compared to others your have taken?
Nah it's alright
It's kind of lame
It was very low class

This Quiz has been designed by Sarah Russell.