Cat Obsession
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Cat Obsession

Do you think you are obsessed with your cat? Does your cat obsess over you? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1:   Do you talk to your cat like a cute little baby?
That's dum.
What is a baby?
Rock on baby!

Question 2:   Do you dress up your cat?
My cat is a guy, silly.
In my sleep.
Yes, of course.

Question 3:   Do you have cat pictures all over your room and locker?
Yes, they are so cute!
People would make fun of me.
No, but I have sheep pictures.

Question 4:   Do your cats follow you around the house like a puppy dog?
No, but my puppy does.
Ya, but it bugs me.
What cat would want to follow me?

Question 5:   Do you make up weird names for your cat?
They only have one name Homer.
Isn't that a little to obsessed?
But Puddles and Spot are the cutest names!

Question 6:   Do you sometimes sleep like a cat?
I have back problems.
My cat hates it when I do that.
Ya, it is like doing Pilates!

Question 7:   Do you have any other pets, that are jealous of your cat?
Hey! I still love my other pets.
Yes, because like my cat better.
What are you talking about?

Question 8:   Can you spell cat?
I can't remember what comes after K....................
I was held back two years.
C-A-T, I'm not that stupid!

Question 9:   On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love your cat?
Somewhere around 3?
I hate my cat!
10000000............, it goes of the chart!

Question 10:   Do you still remember what we are talking about?
Where is the moon?
Duh! Cats of course!

This Quiz has been designed by Ashley Smith.