Are You A Possessed Chicken?
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Are You A Possessed Chicken?

of strange chickens? Take this test to find out!

Question 1:   Have you ever eaten a worm?
Who the heck would eat a worm?
Yeah, once.
Stay away from me you moron.
I'm not sure, but the voices tell me I have.

Question 2:   Do you ever dream of chickens?
Every night.
Yes, they scare me.
They talk to me in my sleep
Yes, they're the only ones who truly understand me.
Didn't I tell you to go away?

Question 3:   Are you obsessed with chickens?
Yes; pink fluffy ones.
The voices tell me I am.
Yes, they will aide me in taking over the universe.
Get away from me you freak.

Question 4:   Do you regularly cluck in public?
The voices tell me I go in a sort of trance.
All the time, it's so funny to see the people staring at you.
Heck no.
That's a little too personal.
None of your business Buckwheat.

Question 5:   Do you remember why you're taking this test?
Yes, it's about possessed chickens.
The voices tell me it has something to do with sloths.
Duh..., it's about chickens, who could ever forget?

Question 6:   Do you believe in Tinkerbell?
What's Tinkerbell?
No, she's evil.
Yes, she will also aide me in taking over the universe.
How many times do I have to tell you I've never seen Peter Pan!
My mommy doesn't believe in fairytales.

Question 7:   Do your friends think you're possessed?
The voices tell me they do.
I don't know.
Leave me alone!
Yes..., they tell me every day.

Question 8:   If you were a chicken, what color would you be?
I like pink.
The voices tell me I would be GOTH
Brown chickens are the best.
Why do you care?

Question 9:   Do you own a chicken?
The voices tell me they've hatched now.
No, why would I?
Yes, how else could I take over the universe?

Question 10:   What did you eat for dinner last night?
I had Lean Pockets.
What does dinner have to do with chickens?
Sun-dried worm Alfredo

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