Do you really love your dog? Quiz

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Do you really like your pet or do you take it for granted?

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    Do you play with your dog?

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352 days ago
This quiz is a bit off. Example: for the first question, it asks "Do you play with your dog."

The thing is, my sisters dog (who is what I took the quiz off of) doesn't like to play outside at all. (In fact, he's snoozing in my arms at this moment) He just likes to cuddle. I think that this should be a point based quiz instead of multiple choice.

Also, for the one that is "If your dog ripped up your sofa cushion..." one, (I got it supposedly right) but the answer which was correct was say "bad dog" until the dog feels bad and you ignore it. That is isn't good, because, although they should have discipline, you should only say that in the moment, otherwise they might not know what they did wrong, AND dogs are quick learners.

This quiz was OK, just not very good.
703 days ago
I dislike the last question that was supposedly correct, treat your dog like family sure, but don’t do it for a reward 🙄
766 days ago
I don't care what this stupid test says I love my dogs
1098 days ago
So I got a new dog yesterday and I just feel like I hate him but I also love him my grandpa said we could take him back and I’ve been thinking maybe we should get a different dog but I don’t want to take it back I love him I think he I so nice and loves me I’d feel so bad to take him back. I’m sure I will get over this but he has these weird eyes that are looking different ways and it’s so uncute and it makes me want to get rid of him but I love him to much I feel so bad and I know I’ll regret taking him back. I just feel bad i love him but I hate him. I don’t know if I should ask to take him back or not
1226 days ago
You should use treats as reward and not for breakfast or something. :D Anyways, thanks for the good result.
1344 days ago
I love dogs! Except for big mean ones.I have a puppy named Lottie, named after Lottie Moon. She's a 😻 Tzu who came from china.
1347 days ago
1359 days ago
I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooove dogs, and I don't treat it so well, it said!!!
1594 days ago
I got you are a great let owner my dog is the thing I love for she looks like a smore😀
1627 days ago
This quiz was meant to say if I love my dog! Instead I get "you are a good owner. it is lucky to have you". plus: how could I know my dogs birthday we were never even told! I LOVE my dog!
1682 days ago
i have no dog, i actually take care of a stray dog, named as bebe, he is cute and black in color plus he still is i guess a 2 yr old, but as it is stray, idk his age but he is around 2 yrs of age, and he is short and lovely, with his adorable brownish blackish eyes, and his paws are super cute, i always pet him when i meet him outside my house, it loves milk and meat, and i love him, i sometimes try to convince my mom that i want to take bebe at home but says that taking care of a dog is more difficult than taking care of a baby, and i am not a big fans of babies, so i guess i will have a doggie after 18, and for that i have to wait for around 5 yrs so phew, i am sick now of typings so much so goodbye dog lovers, never abuse ur dog....
1813 days ago
It doesnt even say that if I love or not my dog. It says I dont treat my dog very well. in fact my dog is my life for me. Duh.
2393 days ago
how are they gonna tell me if I love my dog or not...they cant they are not me
2426 days ago
This is a very bad test because here it's just one correct but then whatever else you choose is the same amount of wrong, that shouldn't be. So this is just horrible
2497 days ago
l love dogs llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeee them so so so so much much much