Are you a monkey???
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Are you a monkey???

Have you ever felt like maybe you're not as evolved as the rest of the world? Maybe you long to be in the jungle and join our cheeky ancestors in the tress. Take this test and find out how much of a monkey you really are!

Question 1:Have you ever eaten a banana without taking off the skin first?
Of course! I'm eating on right now!
No, but I do really like bananas
Yuk, I couldn't think of anything worse!

Question 2:Have you ever picked a bug off your mates head and eaten it?
I don't think so!
Stop you're making me hungry!
I don't even like touching other people's heads

Question 3:Have you ever been to the zoo and longed to be on the other side of the cage with the monkeys?
I don't like animals
No, but they do look like they have fun
Are you kiddiing?! I've already worked out how to get in!

Question 4:Do you like PG Tips?
What better beverage?!
I don't really like tea
What the hell is that?

Question 5:Are you arms freakishly longer than anyone elses?
I've never thought about it
Yes! I have grazes on my knuckles all the time
My arms are perfectly normal in length

Question 6:Have you ever climbed a tree?
Why would you want to do that?
Only as a kid
All the time! I can't pass a tree without the urge to get right up it

Question 7:Have any hair in places you shouldn't?
Well I'm never cold.....
Maybe a tiny bit, but doesn't everyone?
They only place you should have hair is on your head

Question 8:Get a mirror, pull your ears out and puff up your ape like do u look?
I always look like that!
Hehehe, cool, makes me look a bit like a monkey!
Just looks a bit stupid

Question 9:Do you have a tail?
Not last time I checked!
No, you fool
Now you mention it.....

Question 10:Have you ever been in public wearing no clothes?
Quite a few times, clothes are so restricting don't you find?
Never and I never will
Umm, maybe when drunk but I can't really remember!

Question 11:How white are your teeth?
Kinda yellow and a bit brown
Off white I think
White as snow, I brush my teeth 5 times a day

Question 12:How do you like your meals?
On a plate with a knife and fork always
I prefer it when my mum hides it in the garden and I have to go find it
Umm, however it comes really, I'm not too fussed

Question 13:Has anyone ever called you a cheeky monkey?
Never and I'd slap them if they did
That's my favourite nickname!
Sure, when I was a kid

Question 14:Do you have a pink ass?
I don't think so!
Yeah, it's pretty red actually
No, mine is like a peach

Question 15:In your opinion monkeys are.....
Like brothers to me
So cool!
Noisy and smelly

This Quiz has been designed by Hannah.