The Monkey Test
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The Monkey Test

How much of a monkey are you? Do you sit around picking off fleas from your friends or just sit back and eat lots of bananas?

Question 1:You are sitting at home munching on a juicy banana when suddenly the doorbell run to the window and realize it's your crazy (and annoying)chimp friends from school at the door. what do you do?
tell them to leave you alone unless they want to know where you're going to shove your half eaten banana
start to chuck your old banana skins at're not going to eat them
open the door, invite them in and have a good old monkey talk

Question 2:You are grooming your partner for fleas when you find a gigantic flea on their smelly butt...what do you do?
kill the flea by kicking it as hard as you can....your partner will have a lovely rosy butt afterwards
give the smelly flea to your partner...they'll never know!! mwahahahaha!
eat the flea anyway, who cares? it will give more flavour!!

Question 3:what do you like to watch on T.V?
How to cook a monkey brains....brings a tear to my eye all the time
The P.G tips advert!
i like to put a tape on and watch 'Planet of the Apes', i've seen it 10 times!
who needs to watch T.V when i have my banana tree to climb!

Question 4:It's your monkey friend's birthday in a week. what do you buy them?
bananas! bananas! and lots more bananas!
nothing, but i'll give them a kick up the old hairy behind!
something that will make them happy.

Question 5:If you had one wish, what would it be?
live on an island full of bananas!
to be able to rule earth, like on Planet of the Apes! Bow down to me you Filthy humans! oo ah ah ah!
Bring happiness and friendship to all the monkeys in the world

Question 6:You are up your usual banana tree when you see your chimpy chump brother on the ground starting to climb your tree....what will you do?
Tell him to 'OO OO AH' off, and to find his own Banana tree
Start to attack your brother with all your old, smelly banana skins! BOMBS AWAY!
He's my brother and i should share my juicy bananas with him

Question 7:You and your family decide to go and visit the zoo (don't ask me why,) what will you see first?
Let's go and laugh at those stupid Monkeys in the cages!
Nothing, you'll go home straight away before the zookeeper catches you

Question 8:Monkeys are .......?
Delicious with some salt and pepper
Stupid, Stinky and just like my brother!
intelligent and fun loving....just like me!

Question 9:You and your goofy monkey chaps are sitting in a tree when you see a gorgeous Chimpanzee munching on a couple of bananas in the tree next door....your monkey mates tell you that they like you....what will you do?
you decide to use your pathetic mating call to get her attention
Who cares? Have a laugh with your fellow chimps and pelt the poor, defenceless monkey with your smelly, old banana skins!
swing over to her and offer her your last, delicous, juicy, succulent banana that you were going to eat later

Question 10:What did you think of this Ape test?
All this talking about bananas are making me feel hungry...
I thought it was wonderful! i want to be a monkey and live up a tree!
what a load of old 'OO AH AH AH!'
I think picking fleas from my own head was more interesting!
I can't wait to do this test the way, i was being 'Monkastic!'

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