Are you a member of the Frog-Eyes Army?
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Are you a member of the Frog-Eyes Army?

Are you a bastard frog, or are you one of the brave who will delete the froggy race? Find out NOW!

Question 1:Do you like frogs?
They're okay, I guess.
NO! They should be executed one by one by use of a lightsaber!
I love their pretty eyes.

Question 2:What do you do in your spare time?
I wait until nightfall when I hunt out frogs, and then mercilessly smash them.
I pick up girls/guys, try to have sex with them and then drop them the next day.
I make muffins.

Question 3:What do you think of when you hear the name ERIC or TYLER or FROG-EYES?
Grrrrrr . . . . must annihilate . . . .
Why would anyone be named Frog-Eyes?
My name is Tyler/Eric. Why?

Question 4:What do you think of when I say "Football Field"
Umm, football?
Oh look! I wonder where that big boulder is going to land . . .

Question 5:What is your nickname?
The Great Lightsaber Dude Who Will Wipe Frog-Eyes Off The Face Of The Planet.
I don't have either of those nicknames. You see, I AM NORMAL!

Question 6:Which would you enjoy most?
Finishing this test.
Dropping huge rocks on Frogs.
Bugging my eyes out like a frog's.

Question 7:How do you feel right now?
Hoppy. Like a frog.
Glad that the frogs have shut up.
Okay, I guess . . .

Question 8:What is your mission in life?
To become one with nature--except for frogs. They should die.
To make every member of the opposite sex want me. When they do, I plan to repopulate the entire froggy race.

Question 9:What is your favorite color?
Red--the sweet color of frog blood . . .
Green, it matches my skin wonderfully.
Well it used to be red, but not anymore . . .

Question 10:Do you sing?
Yeah, along to Oysterhead. Birthday Boys is the best!
Yup, in the shower.
Yes. In choir. I'm a tenor.

Question 11:My throat is sore. What do you do?
Blame it on the frogs.
Give you a cough drop . . .
Shove my tongue down it.

Question 12:What is your favorite animal?
I love all animals. Except frogs. They should go AWAY!
Cute little puppy dogs.

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