Are the birds trying to kill you?
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Are the birds trying to kill you?

Are those fine feathered friends plotting against you? Find out with this quiz!

Question 1:When you walk outside in the morning do the birds...
fly away
fly towards you
chirp at you
peck at your head
talk to you

Question 2:Does your car...
have no bird poop
have one to two drops of bird poop
have a minimal amount of bird poop on the car
have so much bird poop you can't open the door
you don't own a car, you fly to work

Question 3:You are watching tv and look outside your window, you see...
no birds at all
two birds
a few birds sitting on the wire
a lot of birds looking in your window
you have no windows

Question 4:Do the birds look at you or follow you when you walk down the street?
what birds?
not really
yes, they chase me everywhere
does carrying on a conversation count?

Question 5:Do you own a bird?
I used too
my friend does
yes, but it died
I am a bird

Question 6:Have you ever injured a bird, on purpose or accidentally?
no, but I feed them
one time, but only once
It wasn't my fault!!!!!!!!
birds are my family members, I would never hurt them

Question 7:What is your favorite bird?
my mom

Question 8:If you could be a bird, what kind would you be?
blue jay
a mean one
I am a bird

Question 9:have you ever heard strange, pecking like noises at night?
once, but it was my dad
each night, it keeps me awake
only when I'm sharpening my beak

Question 10:Do you think the birds are out to get you?
well, maybe
that would never happen
family sticks together

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