Would you be a good snake charmer?
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Would you be a good snake charmer?

Well, would you?

Question 1:   You're taking a hike in the woods, and you stop for a break. Suddenly, you realize that you are sitting inches away from a snake. How do you react?
AAAAAAHHH! SNAKE! Head for the hills!
Quickly take out your pocketknife and lop its head off. You're safe now.
Stay calm: it's just a harmless garter snake. You've read all about them: no need to worry.
Inch away slowly, hoping that it hasn't noticed you.
Try to pet it.

Question 2:   How well do you cope with hot climates?
No sweat. Literally.
Where's the nearest swimming pool?
It's fine. Just let me stay in the frozen food section in the nearest SAFEWAY.
I guess it's okay. Just for a couple of days, though.
The hotter the better.

Question 3:   Have you ever considered snake charming as a career?
Are you kidding? It's my dream in life! My destiny, my purpose for living,...*rambles on*
IEWWW...Snakes are slimy!
Uh...not really...
I'm scared to death of snakes. I have a fit (literally) every time I see one.
No, but I guess it sounds kinda cool. Kinda.

Question 4:   If you were a snake charmer, what would be your favorite part of the job?
Being in total control. O yeah, bow down to me; I'm all powerful!
Coming home from work.
Working with the snake. You two make a great team.

Question 5:   What's your favorite kind of snake?
Python. Big and powerful...Just like me!
There are different kinds of snakes? Interesting...You learn something new every day...
Cobra. Dangerous and unpredictable.
All snakes. They're all special in their own way. Just like stuffed animals...

Question 6:   Do you consider yourself a charming person in general?
uhhhhhh....... sure, I guess so.
DUH! I'm the most popular person I know.
Um...what does this have to do with snake charming?
I'm completely antisocial with humans. I have a fetish for snake skins, though.

Question 7:   How much do you know about snake charming?
Enough to know that whatever dimwit made this test doesn't know squat about it.
Just what I learned from this test. Oh wait, according to the previous answer none of it's true. Oh well...
I've read "The Giant Book of Snake Charming" 27 times!
A little...it was in some book I read about a year ago...
Nothing, And I want it to stay that way.

Question 8:   What do you consider to be the most important characteristic of a snake charmer?
Intelligence. I don't really know why, but I'm smart, so there!
Quick reflexes. You never know when a snake's going to strike.
Patience. That's the most important characteristic for every profession.
Ability to not be me.
Liking snakes.

Question 9:   Do you personally think that you have what it takes to be a great snake charmer?
Hell yeah! Just tell me where to sign!
Are you kidding? Even my nightmares aren't that bad!
Uh...I don't really know. I'm just taking this test because I'm bored.
I guess so. Not exactly my dream job, though.

Question 10:   Now, this question is crucial to our understanding of your snake charming abilities, so please, don't skip it. Do you believe in Santa?
Uhhhhhh...Sure ...
No way! Santa is for kids!
Not since daddy got his head stuck in the chimney.
Of course! Santa is my hero!
The makers of this test must be insane.

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