What you never knew, but should know about polar bears.
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What you never knew, but should know about polar bears.

Question 1:   If you saw a polar bear, what would you do?
Kill - ahahahah!
marvel in their white fuzzy coat
tie pink little pretty bows all over it
run for my wimpy life

Question 2:   While ordering pizza what is the first topping a polar bear would want?
tapioca pudding
goober berries
pepperoni (boring)

Question 3:   What is your favorite animal?
pink poodles hehe
Greco Roman cows
polar bears duh!
gold fish

Question 4:   What color are polar bear's skin?
pink, I love pink, it's the best color ever...
tell me moron!
green like grass, yummy!

Question 5:   Where do polar bears live?
Hawaii( that's why they like pineapple)
somewhere pink
with my Barbies

Question 6:   Polar bears!
are skinny
eat dirt!

Question 7:   Who is the most famous polar bear?
Millord Fishmore
Alburt Dinestine
Isacked Newton
Elvish Parsley

Question 8:   What does a polar bear do with a drunken sailor?
eat his shirt
Tie pretty pink ribbons on him
introduce him to Davey Jones
sick um, Fluffy!

Question 9:   What kind of music do polar bears listen to?
Polar bears are too dumb to listen to music hahah!
polar bears like to shake their fat fluffy booties to Bach
rock and roll, baby!

Question 10:   Do you like polar bears
EEEWWWWWWWW they have cooties!
Polar bears rock and there's nothing you can do about it
Grass is by far greater

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