Are You A Prairie Dog?
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Are You A Prairie Dog?

Test yourself to find out if you are human or...A PRAIRIE DOG!

Question 1:   If you went to live in a new neighborhood, what kind would it be?
The type where your neighbors are a bit further apart
The type where all your neighbors have little houses and you live in a mansion
The type that your neighbors live REALLY close

Question 2:   What does you breakfast consist of?
Bacon and eggs
Pellets and Grass

Question 3:   Does your day at work consist of...
working on computers all day
Running around taking people's orders
squeaking with your co-workers and digging a big tunnel

Question 4:   Where do you sleep?
In a nice little hole
In my king size (or whatever other size) bed.
In a nice pile of my family and friends

Question 5:   Have you ever gotten mad at someone and squeaked at them?
No, I wouldn't do that
Maybe...who wants to know
Many Times Before

Question 6:   What is your best friend's name?
Pray Ree Dog

Question 7:   How do you greet your friends each day?
A hand shake
A big hug
A quick sniff of the butt then the exchange of squeaks

Question 8:   Why did you start taking this quiz?
It looked sorta fun
I like the odd quizzes
I REALLY think that I am a PRAIRIE DDOG!

Question 9:   When you last went to the zoo, did the prairie dogs talk to you?
Maybe...okay they did!
Nope, I don't associate with rodents

Question 10:   Did you talk back?
No...Okay I did, but only for a little while
YES! I had a whole conversation with one of them about how the price of gas is unacceptable!

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