Do you have problems with naked gorillas chasing you?
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Do you have problems with naked gorillas chasing you?

Do you have problems with naked gorillas chasing you? If so, here is a quiz that you should take! Maybe after taking this quiz you will be able to find out why and what they want! Have fun!

Question 1:When you go to the zoo, do you find that gorillas follow you on the other side of the cage?
I haven't noticed...
Oh my God! YES!!!!!

Question 2:How often do you go to the zoo and realize that the gorilla is not just reaching for the banana in your hand?
I wondered what he was reaching for!
Was that what it was all about?
A lot!

Question 3:How often do you go to bed and dream about naked gorillas chasing you around and around inside a giant cage?
Every few weeks...
Almost every night.

Question 4:What happens when you go to the traveling carnival?
The ape tries to rape me....
The elephant really scares me!
The gorilla always gives me a sexy look....

Question 5:What happens when you see a gorilla?
You laugh and say 'hello'
You walk over and give it a big kiss!
You scream 'Oh my God he's after me!'

Question 6:How many bananas do you bring to the zoo for your gorilla 'friend?'
A few bunches
I do?

Question 7:Has your wife/husband ever accused you of cheating on him/her with that 'sexy' gorilla at the zoo?
A few times.....
NEVER!....except that one time....

Question 8:How often do you visit your 'gorilla friend' at the zoo?
Every day with a armload of bananas
Once a week
Every few days

Question 9:How many nights do you catch yourself talking with the 'guys' at the bar about the lovely 'lady' you met at the zoo?
The nights I go...
When I can give details...
Every night I get drunk....

Question 10:How do you rate this quiz?
Stupidest (No such word, I know!)
Stupider (No such word, I know!)

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