Are You Sheep?
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Are You Sheep?

Question 1:   What best describes the kind of clothes you wear?
Dark clothes, leather, boots—possibly chains
Whatever, it’s all about comfort and I don’t particularly put all that much attention into what I wear.
Whatever is in style at the time, whether or not I particularly like the style.
If my friends are wearing it than I have to have it. People have sometimes referred my friends and I as “twins” because our clothes are so much alike.

Question 2:   You are sitting in your English class, watching the time go by, when you notice your friend Melissa picking on Alice, an overweight, kind of nerdy girl who has the habit of saying the most stupidly annoying things at all the wrong times. What do you do? (Notice I asked what you would do, not what you should do—don’t lie!)
You continue watching the time go by, while silently wishing that you had the guts to tell your friend Melissa to lay off Alice.
Even though Alice isn’t your favorite person, you tell Melissa to knock it off, because she’s being a jerk and just because she doesn’t like someone is no reason to be cruel.
You join Melissa in badgering Alice, after all she really is annoying and you can’t stand her
You really don’t want to get involved, because as stated above you don’t like Alice, but it’s like watching a puppy being kicked when it’s down, so you tell Melissa to knock it off and draw her attention by saying that Cole, her dream crush, keeps giving her the eye.

Question 3:   True or False or Neither: When you go to the bathroom at school or work or just when you are out with your friends, you automatically check the mirror to make sure your hair and or makeup looks okay.

Question 4:   Do you think you are cool?
I define what is cool, and all those around me take notice and follow my example.
No, but I sure want to be, if only the popular will take notice of me. (And notice does not mean flushing my head down a toilet)
Sure, I like what I like and I do what I like, nothing cooler than that.

Question 5:   Which answer best describes what you look for when choosing friends?
I pick friends who have the same interests as me and are like me in how they think, dress and act.
I pick my friends based on how they reflect on me. I generally hang with those who are more popular and stay away from those who may make me look bad.
I choose friends who are intelligent.
I choose friends for a variety of reasons, for their intelligence, their different interests, humor and personality in general.

Question 6:   How best describes the number of friends you have?
I have lots of friends, too many to take the time to count, and sometimes I have trouble remembering their last names.
There are many people I hang with, but I’m not sure I’d call any of them my friends
I have three or four close friends that I hang with, and some acquaintances that I acknowledge or talk with when we meet.

Question 7:   True or False or Neither: I watched American Idol and I actually might have voted to choose the NEXT American Idol.

Question 8:   True or False or Neither: I’m sick of Cat in the Hat commercials. It seems like every company from McDonald’s to Visa is using Cat in the Hat to sell their product.

Question 9:   What best describes the type of reading material you read?
I read the sports page and some sports magazines.
I read books and magazines of all genres, like fantasy, fiction, romance, horror, science and history. I like a wide variety of subjects and stories.
I read mainly romance and self-help books. I also like fashion and entertainment magazines.
I don’t like to read books but I do read magazines or maybe an occasional paper.

Question 10:   True or False or Neither: I am tolerant of people who have different beliefs than I do.

Question 11:   True or False or Neither: I take notice of the types of shoes people wear.

Question 12:   What best describes the type of music you listen to?
I only listen to big name bands and artists.
The songs that are played again and again over popular radio stations.
Whatever my friends are listening to.
I’m very eclectic—I listen to oldies, classical, rock, punk, dance, opera, eighties, and anything in between.

Question 13:   True or False or Neither: You are always looking for the newest gadgets and upgrades for your computer and cell phone.

Question 14:   What is the first thing you notice about a person you’ve just met?
Body Type (weight, build etc.)

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