What kind of sheep are you?
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What kind of sheep are you?

Question 1:   What is your favorite color?
My imaginary friends tell me it's chartreuse
White, I guess.
Why? Get away from me you @#$%&!

Question 2:   Do you like sheep?
Sheep will aid me in taking over the world.
Cute fluffy sheep! I love sheep!
I keep seeing sheep that people tell me aren't there, does that mean anything?
Well, they're okay......
@#$% sheep.

Question 3:   Do you believe in fairies?
Yes. They are dark fairies. They will also aid me in taking over the world.
Pretty fairies! Look at them fly!
People also tell me the fairies I see aren’t there. I wonder if it’s me, or them?
Um, what does this have to do with sheep?
@#$% fairies.

Question 4:   Have you ever had a personal conversation with a sheep?
Sheep are the only ones who will listen to my plans for taking over the world.
I love talking to sheep! They stare at me with those big, pretty eyes.........
Sheep are the voices in my head. They talk to eachother a lot, and I understand them. I feel special.
No, what are you getting at?
Stupid creatures. I hate them all.

Question 5:   Argelfraster!
I know exactly what you mean.
Ooh, that's one of those prettiful different languages, isn't it?
Hey, the voices in my head say that all the time!
Um, that's not a question.
What the @#$% does that mean?

Question 6:   Do you understand what sheep are saying to you?
Yes. I am fluent in many animal languages. I need allies for when I take over the world.
Cute fluffy sheep!
The voices in my head do, and they tell me what the sheep are saying?
Am I supposed to?
@#$% no! Those @#$%*#& sheep are so annoying!

Question 7:   What is your personality?
Hello people, you're all going to die.
I'm a happy person!
I'm mostly normal, at least, that's what the voices tell me.
I'm normal.
Gosh, I am so @#$% angry!

Question 8:   Can you still remember why you're taking this test?
Yes. My memory must be perfect for me to take over the world.
Cute fluffy sheep!
The voices tell me it was something about llamas......
Yeah, can't you?
I don't even know why I took this test in the first place!

Question 9:   Do you ever get angry?
Go die somewhere.
I'm never angry! I love people!
I don't, but the voices do.
Well, yeah, doesn't everyone?

Question 10:   What kind of sheep do you think you are?
A powerful sheep that will take over the world.
A pretty pink sheep, frolicking in the fields!
I'm told that I'm not a sheep, but the voices say otherwise.
I'm not a sheep, I'm a human....
Go away.

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