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Squirrels. Love them. Hate them. Not sure. This quiz is for you.

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    What do you think of when you see the word squirrel?
    What do you think of when you see the word squirrel?

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1303 days ago
@cheyenne and averil squirrelgirl, I agree! Squirrels are awesome. I am 19 and still love my squirrel toys. Squirrels are beautiful 💚
1860 days ago
I loveeeeee squirrels they are so cute
2005 days ago
Once I got bit by a squirrel. I love that squirrel (I love all squirrels) and what’s worse a bird infested house or squirrel infested house? Bird. Birds do so much worse than squirrels!!! Sure they chew wires but birds destroy the house in a second! Make sure to take my quiz, “where do you belong in TSOTS&B (The School of The Squirrels & Birds)”
2005 days ago
WOULD you collect nuts for a squirrel? Of course I DO!
2005 days ago
Squirrels are anything but pests. Birds are spoiled and can get their own food. Squirrels do get their own food and work very very hard without wings (wings are for the spoiled) to get food and if’s humans’ and birds’ fault squirrels haven’t taken over the world. (Man, would that be awesome!!!!) Peace, Averil SquirrelGirl. (Only a real squirrel lover would never have chases a squirrel as a child and hate kids who do, make their nickname since forever Averil SquirrelGirl (Ah-v-roll Squirrel girl), criticize Squirrel Girl’s lack of love for squirrels (she doesn’t love them enough sadly) and make this loooong heartfelt thing about squirrels
2005 days ago
Also there has not been a holiday or birthday of mine where I haven’t gotten a bunch of stuffed animal squirrels! I name them all and give them personalities! Yes I’m a middle schooler! Who cares how childish my love of stuffed animal squirrels may seem, I’ll never in my life stop collecting them! My squirrel name: Nutty NutNut. OMG new idea! What’s your squirrel name quiz!!!!
2005 days ago
For 100 % you are: You love squirrels. You wish you had one as a pet. You think there should be more squirrels. Your motto: Squirrels rock! You guessed my motto no joke LOL and for 7 the hate squirrels answer is evil if anybody picks that they have NO HEART NO SOUL and I hope they pressed it on accident but they’re still evil if they didn’t check to make sure they didn’t press that. I’m nuts about squirrels. They’re the best! My yard use to have no squirrels 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 saddest thing ever! Luckily ever since I got a pet squirrel and let her free squirrels now visit my yard and get peanuts we leave out for them and we scare away the birds (darn you blue jays) thanks for pointing out the obvious... I’m squirrel obsessed!