Are the squirrels out to get you?
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Are the squirrels out to get you?

Question 1:When you see a squirrel you...
say aaaahh, how cute
try to figure out what it's doing with the nut
toss it the nuts you always carry for them
run and hide under your bed
yawn and keep walking

Question 2:When asked if you have seen the president of the squirrels are against us society you...
Duh, that's me
say you forgot to take your pill again, didn't you
riiiiiiiiiiiight. about that, um( runs away)
point and say down the street and to the left
look at the weirdo and say, come again?

Question 3:A squirrel crosses your path, you
stand stock still and wait for it to pass
cry and offer it all your money
drop down on your knees and pray to god for this miracle
say, hold still, while rushing to find your bb gun
try to stomp it

Question 4:Why are you taking this test?
The squirrels have my house surrounded and I'm seeking help via internet
for fun
No reason
because I am so totally bored
I honestly want to know why the squirrels keep following me

Question 5:What do you know about squirrels?
um, they live in trees...
absolutely nothing
everything. I had to do some research once they started following me
who are you and why are you asking me this?!

Question 6:When you step outside you...
I don't step outside.
immediately go back for your keys.
I don't step, I hop
I never step outside, the squirrels might get me
You go after that gosh danged dog thats been keeping you up for the past two hours.

Question 7:At your local convenience store you buy...
nuts to feed the squirrels
duh..soda and a bag of chips for my party
beer and a beerbong( you wore out your old one)
my mom shops for me
enough food to last you ten years in case the squirrels attack

Question 8:When out in the open you avoid...
your ex
all human contact( you might *gasp* get contaminated)
absolutely nothing
all the popular squirrel hiding spots
why would I want to go outside?

Question 9:Your favorite animal is...
anything without fur and long teeth
um... do you mean the pet or the kind you can eat?
all the animals!

Question 10:What did you learn from this quiz
nothing whatsoever
I was taking a quiz?!!
Where am I?
A whole bunch of stuff. ( Is the torture over?)
Shut up and just tell me if they're after me.( I'm so afraid *Sniff*)

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