Are you a blonde at heart?
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Are you a blonde at heart?

Some people don't have blonde hair, but you can see that they truly are blonde's at heart. Find out if YOU are one of those people

Question 1:Do you run into walls, doors, etc.
Question 2:Do you hear "what?" a lot after you speak?
Question 3:Do you constantly trip over things?
Question 4:Do you fall out of chairs?
Question 5:Are you easily confused?
Question 6:Have you ever put icyhot, bengay, or atomic bomb on your face?
Question 7:Do you stare at people blankly?
Question 8:Do you ever get told "that was random" when you say something?
Question 9:Do you think out loud?
Question 10:Do you confuse people with the way you word things?
Question 11:Orange juice and baking soda don't make orange soda. True (yes) or false (no)?
Question 12:Do you "win" when money comes out of the ATM machine?
Question 13:Do your shoes always match?
Question 14:Can you speak whale?
Question 15:Do you collect hats, socks, or hangers?
Question 16:Have you ever gone to the bathroom with the toilet seat still down?
Question 17:Do people turn around when they hear loud crashes and find u on the ground?
Question 18:Do you find it hard to find light switches?
Question 19:Does it always startle you when the printer starts printing something?
Question 20:Do you have good vocabulary?
Question 21:When people use big vocabulary do you give them blank looks?
Question 22:Do you ever do things for no real reason at all?
Question 23:Do you ever wonder what everyday objects are for?
Question 24:Do all the buttons on a channel changer look like a foreign language to you?
Question 25:Does it take you a minute to get jokes?
Question 26:Do you have a delayed reaction when someone says something funny?
Question 27:Can you only pay attention during a conversation for a short amount of time?
Question 28:Is your hair blonde? (natural or unnatural) (this doesn't really have much to do with it)
Question 29:Have you been told you're a blonde at heart?
Question 30:Do you think you're a blonde at heart?

This Quiz has been designed by Kendra and Shannon.