The Bored Quiz
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The Bored Quiz

Are you bored? Do you need some random questions to answer to pass the time? Take my quiz to do just that…

Question 1:   How bored are you really?
“ZzZzZzZzZzZz”…… huh? what?
Bored enough to do this quiz
Not very…just doing quizzes for fun

Question 2:   Say you’re at the mall and all of a sudden you see your crush walk by…how would you handle this situation?
Scream and run out of the mall……terrified
Keep licking your ice cream cone and admire the wide screen tv in the store window
Go up to your crush and start talking to them for about 5 minutes after which you have nothing to say and you feel all awkward and nothing happens

Question 3:   You’re at work and a coworker you don’t like is walking over to you…but wait he/she doesn’t get to you and falls flat on the floor on his/her face, you…
Stifle your hysterical laughter and offer to help them up before running out of the room to let loose
Laugh loudly and hysterically, go tell all your other coworkers, friends, family etc. about your victory and how you believe that you mentally tripped them with your mind…muahahaha
Go up to them ask if they are ok and after tell some of your coworkers and friends about their misfortune to let them deal with it

Question 4:   You’re at school, the teacher is writing on the blackboard, when all of a sudden you hear a loud fart burst through the classroom, you…
Look terrified as you point to a random person while plugging your nose and accuse him/her of disturbing the peace
Laugh lightly and plug your nose looking around the room
Look around the room waiting for the class clown or somebody to say something

Question 5:   How are you today?
Just fine thank you, and yourself?
Is this a trick question? What kind of joke are you playing? Do you like monkeys?
I’m bored that’s what I am! Thanks for reminding me….

Question 6:   You’re camping and you see a rattle snake in the bushes, you…
Approach it slowly, throw a juice box at it and run like hell
Reach down and try to catch it or touch it prepared to bolt if it tires to bite you
Run like hell

Question 7:   What do you like to eat?

Question 8:   Would you or have you ever?
Sky dive, bungee jump, skinny dip, water ski, etc
Go out into the middle of the crowd and yell “I like cheese!” at the top of your lungs
Gotten so drunk you couldn’t even remember your own name

Question 9:   Your perception of life is…
Hell I have to live it so why not make the best of it
It sucks!
Well really, what is the meaning of life? Has anyone ever really thought about the possibility that we may not really be alive…..but merely not dead…

Question 10:   Your perception of death is…
It’s certain to happen, so whatever
My hamster died when I was four….a beautiful hamster….why..WHY? *sniff*

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