Bored? Your Temporary Boredom Cure Is Here! Take This Fun Test

You must be pretty bored to have clicked on this quiz! Maybe you have stuff to do, but just don't want to do it right now (or ever!). Or maybe you're stuck inside for whatever reason. Anyway, this little quiz I made will help you pass a little time, and will maybe prepare your mind for the next fun thing you do! Hope it helps!

  • 1
    So now that you're here, what are you thinking?
    So now that you're here, what are you thinking?
  • 2
    What do you do for fun?
  • 3
    When you wake up in the middle of the night, you...

  • 4
    Your best friend is...
  • 5
    Your favorite food is...
  • 6
    This would be a lot more fun if...

  • 7
  • 8
    Why did the chicken cross the road?
  • 9
    What comes next in this pattern?
  • 10
    What is your favorite color?

  • 11
    What color is the giant sea monkey's eye?
  • 12
    What are the steps in the tiki dance of rage?
  • 13
    If it were raining on Tuesday and the sky was gray and the grass was purple, what color would my hair be?
  • 14
    How well do you think you are doing on this quiz?
  • 15
    1. What do you think of this quiz?
    2. If I had one hand for every hand I have, how many hands would I have?
    3. How many legs would I have?

Comments (226)


316 days ago
I didn't think it was so bad, but i didn't understand it like some said. it was cool weird.
382 days ago
Okay haters, if u are REALLY BORED this should have helped. Cause I was bored outta my mind and this totally helped.

391 days ago
so boring😒i hate this i do not like it
402 days ago
This did not cure my boredom smh
431 days ago
well that did not cure my boredom but meh
437 days ago
what the frick is this
554 days ago
554 days ago
I had a great time when the
682 days ago
But I am still bord...
702 days ago
was worth the waste of time i was supposed to be taking a quiz but instead i did this , oop i gtg we are turning it in wish me luck yall.
703 days ago
im going to go cry now
724 days ago
well, this was so boring
727 days ago
If a candle shop burned down..would it smell good or bad? aeaeaeae
732 days ago
I didn't like it ,did not help at all.It is boring.Sorry,but I am still bored, gonna check an other site.
736 days ago
sawaraseni kimi wa shoujo na no ? boku wa yaichin bicchi no osu da yo
742 days ago
Well, less time in math mash up, it wasnt really helping. And I skipped have the thing, soo...... I WILL DIE OF BOREDEM IS NO ONE WILL SAVE ME 🥺🥺😭
746 days ago
Killed a few minutes in class
747 days ago
I really enjoyed this quiz it was weird but I like weird.
761 days ago
I didn't get this quiz but I tried it anyway😛😜😝🤪
795 days ago
Bro, if anyone knows what to do when you are bored, tell me and fast.