Bored? Your Temporary Boredom Cure Is Here! Take This Fun Test

You must be pretty bored to have clicked on this quiz! Maybe you have stuff to do, but just don't want to do it right now (or ever!). Or maybe you're stuck inside for whatever reason. Anyway, this little quiz I made will help you pass a little time, and will maybe prepare your mind for the next fun thing you do! Hope it helps!

  • 1
    So now that you're here, what are you thinking?
    So now that you're here, what are you thinking?
  • 2
    What do you do for fun?
  • 3
    When you wake up in the middle of the night, you...

  • 4
    Your best friend is...
  • 5
    Your favorite food is...
  • 6
    This would be a lot more fun if...

  • 7
  • 8
    Why did the chicken cross the road?
  • 9
    What comes next in this pattern?
  • 10
    What is your favorite color?

  • 11
    What color is the giant sea monkey's eye?
  • 12
    What are the steps in the tiki dance of rage?
  • 13
    If it were raining on Tuesday and the sky was gray and the grass was purple, what color would my hair be?
  • 14
    How well do you think you are doing on this quiz?
  • 15
    1. What do you think of this quiz?
    2. If I had one hand for every hand I have, how many hands would I have?
    3. How many legs would I have?

Comments (227)


932 days ago
I feel like nothing is different during the lockdown...🙏covid 19...
936 days ago
this is an amazing quizffffff Kim boredygcksdfkuayfgz uktfaysdg
938 days ago
This is the coolest quiz in the wooorrrld
951 days ago
953 days ago
time for some more strange quizzes on our bordum, how are you all holding up. im just keep typing bc im bord, and clearly crazy bc i am typeing this to no one
957 days ago
What the hell is this_ You tried really hard to be weird
966 days ago
Honestly, this doesn't help lol
968 days ago
989 days ago
Im not actually bored I'm sleepy 😩
990 days ago
Suprise suprise. We are all so freaking bored I could pull all my hair out of my head.

Now the only the only thing I can think of doing is putting my fav emojis: 🤠😁😄🤗🤩🤣😂🤯🤢🤮🙄😏😒🥺😬🤐🤫🤭🥴😡😈🥶🥵😵🤡🤑😎🤓🤥😇😻💖👀🗨️

Yeeha w dudes. 🤠
990 days ago
I am bored ,I am bored I'm stuck in quarantine have nowhere to go don't have any friends to come over.....😴😴 I think I need some rest I'm bored asf.........
990 days ago
Hello guys 2020
I'm stuck at home during quarantine I am so bored with no one around me but who cares 😐😐
994 days ago
be gay all ya like but the comment thing literaly said this ain't no dating site..
997 days ago
i can never find places to comment annonimously. Im madly in love with my best friend, i have no idea what to do. Shes with 3 different guys and i watch it all go down. Shes insane but i wish she was mine
997 days ago
hello everyone,
I know i will regret saying this on the internet but

im gay
1050 days ago
im not boring. its just that im bored.
1079 days ago
I’m not friendless !!! Just stuck in quarantine boredom ......
1082 days ago
Interesting kind of i guess....meh
1085 days ago
Ehhh ok quizz I guss
1093 days ago
this quiz was really good it was so interresting.