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Boredom Rescue Quiz!

Are you bored? Have you totally run out of fun things to do? Are the things you normally find fun just not doing it for you right now? Or do you have to do some things you just don't want to and need a break before you start doing them? Don't worry! We have heard your cry for help! Here is a quiz for you to play to make the boredom pain stop!

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    Which is the LEAST boring?
    Which is the LEAST boring?

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33 days ago
pretty sad that they have to clarify that this isn't a dating site b4 you comment.. 😭
231 days ago
lololololololololololololollolollllololo lololkloloololololololloloooollollklolll lololl
253 days ago
Doesn't work im still bored ugh😑
574 days ago
So what's up with all this boredom? It's just a fact of life sometimes. Btw, you might like to think you're an internet person, but you are not. tumblr to you is all meaningful and chatting with friends and transparents....WRONG!

nope i dont use internet much anymore. just this website cuz im bored in class. and i dont use tumblr, not even once!
617 days ago
lock down killssssss
617 days ago
love it
673 days ago
Still bored TuT
Lol UwU
808 days ago
Ay test, maybe you would want add more questions cuz I’m
827 days ago
I'm still bored...
844 days ago
So boringgggggggggggg,help me please
846 days ago
sorry I left a comment twice my Laptop is not working... ;-;
I really need to get it fixed
846 days ago
I took the test still super bored... tried talking with my friends (no response from them) and nothing... I am extremely bored and someone help me please!!
846 days ago
I took the test and I am still bored … I tried talking to my friends but then they just leave me hanging...
851 days ago
It's better than making a histogram
885 days ago
well.... the best i can say about dis quiz is that it was better than finding the area of a regangle.
1064 days ago
1138 days ago
This was weird I played this like ten times and got the same answer.
1223 days ago
Eh, it's cool. Makes no sense, but it's coolz.
1275 days ago
bbbooorrreeeddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
help me plz!!!!
1304 days ago
I didn't understand this quiz, like, at all. If we could give stars, I would rate this 0 ⛤s :(