Could you be crazy?
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Could you be crazy?

Have you ever thought that everyone in the world was crazy, and you were completely normal? Take this quiz to find out who actually needs to be committed.

Question 1:How many "crazy" people did you encounter today?
A few
Almost everyone

Question 2:What do you sleep with at night?
A pillow and blanket
A stuffed animal from childhood, but don't tell anyone
I don't sleep at night

Question 3:It was a rainy day today and your car broke down. As you were walking to work a car drove by and left you covered in muddy water. What do you do?
Nothing, these things happen
Flipped them off! The nerve!
Chased them down the busy highway, screaming, but only for twenty minutes.

Question 4:It is your bosses birthday. A card is being passed around for all employees to sign. What do you write?
Your name
Wow you're getting old, Happy Birthday!
One year closer to your death...have a great one

Question 5:You decide to dye your hair for a change, the color you pick is
Almost the same color as your natural hair
A bit funky, that hip color everyone is doing
Black, nothing more, nothing less

Question 6:What are your three favorite colors?
Brown, green, and blue. Earthy tones
Yellow, Orange and red. Fiery tones
Black, grey and white. Plain tones

Question 7:What sort of music do you listen to?
Classical music, and Jazz sometimes.
Basically everything
Type-O Negative and The Cure, mostly

Question 8:Where is your favorite place to visit in the mall?
Green Goddess
Anchor Blue
I don't go to the mall

Question 9:You are invited to a party, the invitation says dress to impress. What do you wear?
Something casual but comfortable
Very dressy, a button up/shirt little black dress sorta thing
Anything you can find quickly, you fell asleep two days ago and forgot until you woke up today

Question 10:How many friends do you have?
A few really close ones
A lot, I can't even name them all!
How many what?

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