Exactly how crazy are you?
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Exactly how crazy are you?

Crazy enough to take this test? Let's see!

Question 1:There's a car parked in front of your house at night. It hasn't moved in two hours, you're home alone and you notice the phone isn't working. Then the head of a gun points out from their window. Your choice of action is...
Grab a knife, and run to your neighbours house.
Grab your tranquilizers and a soggy banana for protection and run out singing "If you're loony and you know it Clap your hands". (while clapping furiously.)
Hmm... Probably hungry. Let's take out some cookies and Cola.

Question 2:You're in the shower and you're out of body wash. You substitute with...
Nothing. You don't wash.
Nivea Moisturizer.
Chlorine and Turpentine.

Question 3:What's the scariest movie ever?
Psycho - classic movie.
Cinderella. *sobs and bangs desktop* THE MICE CAN TALK!
I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Question 4:You're making Lemon Meringue pie. You run out of lemon filling halfway through. You need it for dinner tonight! The shops are closed! What do you do?
Use Custard.
Mix up Nacho Cheese, Vinegar, a kilo of Sugar and urine. Yellow, Tangy and Yum!
Run down to Mrs. Smith's house and borrow the ingredients to make some more.

Question 5:Your favourite taste is...
Wrinkly Elbows glued to Blue, Cutting Edge Playing Cards.

Question 6:You've just gotten a film developed. What are the pictures of?
My pets Doris the Do-Do and Terry the T-Rex, and black... I like to click the button when it's got the shutter on. (clicks tongue in imitation)
Family, Friends, Scenery and my pet cat.
Family and friends.

Question 7:You go into a shop, the bell dings, then what?
Get the usual stuff... flour, sugar, eggs and chocolate.
Go and talk to the cashier about a job.
I don't get past the door. I love the dingy bell, it's so cool.... Then after two hours or so the cops come....

Question 8:What's your favourite board game?
Cat and Mouse.
Monopoly... the figurines are so YUM. *runs off to get Monopoly, licking lips*
Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit.

Question 9:How do you usually greet your fellow human beings?
Hello, Hi, Hiya, Goodmorning etc... what a weird question!
Gooble Toobly Roobly, good-day my fellow Shoozo magoogo.
Hello, Hi, Hiya...

Question 10:Leave this question blank. I repeat, leave this question BLANK.
Why should I? I won't get scored properly then!!

Question 11:Who is your role model?
Mother Teresa and Julia Roberts.
Britney Spears or Tom Cruise.
Jade the Bratz. I like the way we are alike coz we both take our shoes off on our feet....sometimes.

Question 12:Your usual clothes for work are...
Straight Jacket... and a rainbow ribbon that sparkles.... glitter...shiny....magoogoo.
Jeans, jacket... casual, cool, neat.
Business suit.

Question 13:Which of these is correct? 1) ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 2) H2O is water. Water is oxygen and Hydrogen. 3) AD$^%GS
3. AHGR;smngfkleomAZGJFGHJNGBHGNVF<LMKNjigjfdg;v --- YAY!
2 and 1.
1 and 2.

Question 14:Kangaroos jump, and have pouches. TRUE OR FALSE.
I jump, and I eat nuts in bed. Mum told me off. Me called Kanga. Me friends with Piglet Smiglet Diglet. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
True! They are also marsupials and their babies are joeys.

Question 15:You define yourself as ...
Normal but Brilliant.
Normal, I suppose.
Here we go round the mulberry bush, Peter Pan has a fan, WHOOPI GOLDBERG LOVES PURPLE.

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