What type of crazy are you?
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What type of crazy are you?

Who knows crazy people better than a crazy person? No one, this test was created and reviewed by over 500 crazy clinically insane people Sure there are a lot of tests on this site to evaluate your insanity level, but if you are crazy; ever wonder what type?

Question 1:Do you like the smell of magic markers?
The little elf under my bed says that I should kill you, set you on fire, and dance around you naked
I like grape juice...
None of the above

Question 2:You turn on the idiot box (TV) one day and find that they have canceled your favorite TV program, do you
Eat some paste
Go down to the TV station and paint it blue
Do nothing at all

Question 3:What is your favorite TV show?
Jerry Springer
The weatherman
Umm… that one guy… he has a hat. And he does………..stuff
I don’t watch any specific TV program, I video tape my self tapping on a desk in a class room until all the people inside, go crazy, beat me up, or drag me out kicking and screaming. Then I watch that over and over!

Question 4:Your toilet overflows, do you
Start drinking!
I have a magic marker that likes grape juice!
Get out the plunger, then do nothing but just stare at it till the house floods
Get out the plunger and fix the toilet
Run out of the house screaming

Question 5:Who is your favorite South Park character?
Kyle, Stan, Cartman, Kenny
None of ‘em, I hate South Park!
*Not in the house to make the choice, still running around outside screaming *

Question 6:Does this quiz suck?
What type of question is that?
Death is in my bathtub
Death is a giant chicken with iguana antlers

Question 7:Meow?
Lkajflkasjfasiolfjasoiytoiuah (the sound of an old man trying to hock a logy)
Billy Likes Grape Soda, Miss Lippy’s car… Is green!

Question 8:If you were in the restroom doing your business, when you are done you see a very gross looking Barbie doll in the toilet and nothing else, what do you think?
Did I do that?
What the heck did I drink the last night…?
Whether this question was meant to be hypothetical or asking for advice
Don’t care, flush it
Are you crazy!?! What the heck kind of a question is that?

Question 9:Finish this sentence, “a penny saved is…”
Not much
A lot more than I make
A penny earned
Not very tasty
You killed my goat!

Question 10:Where do we go when we die?
Every body goes to heaven, no matter what they did
Depends on what you believe
Some dark void where leprechauns are bananas in sheep’s underwear blankets with no nipples
We go nowhere, this is it! So eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die!

Question 11:What is the difference between a duck?
Dude… that question made no sense
You misspelled the word “difference”
I like grape juice
Fredrick NOOOOO, don’t poor that turpentine on the mailbox!! Santa will find out that Mrs. Claus is really a guy!

Question 12:The microwave keeps flashing, “your butt is done…” over and over again. What do you do?
Look down and say, “Ahhh my bum is on fire!”
Wonder what the heck kind of model that is and return it to the store.
BBQ sauce
Ignore it

Question 13:2+2 is…?
Nothing but two squiggly lines with a crossey symbol between
A and D

Question 14:You run out of toothpaste what do you do?
Go to the store and buy some more
Start eating grape nuts
Use super glue
Stop eating grape nuts
Decide not to brush your teeth

Question 15:How do you change a light bulb?
Get intoxicated enough that the room spins, then try to get the bulb in the light socket, electrocuting yourself in the process (or not… too bad)
Stand on a latter with the light bulb in the socket and wait for two people to come along and rotate the latter for you
Blink in amazement * light bulb? But I have to eat those!
Iguanas don’t have antlers!!!
Change the light bulb

Question 16:I ran (so far away)
That’s not a question
Why were you running, were you being chased by a flock of seagulls?
Fear my navel for it is mightier than the sword!
You made me make my hat flat
Hey I just noticed that on Times New Roman, the letter “l” and the number “1” look alike

Question 17:If a man and a half and a woman and a half has a baby and a half how many pancakes does it take to shingle the roof of a dogs house?
My cow broke…
Coldplay is an awesome band!
The dog doesn’t have a house any more, I ate the man and woman and sold the baby to a stockbroker. The dog helped me plot the ultimate demise of Jell-O

Question 18:If life were a noise, what would it be?
That meow mix commercial
Grape juice…
Birds chirping, wind blowing, you know, all peaceful like
Machine guns and metallica playing in the back ground “darkness has taken my legs, taken my sight dah dah daaaahh”

Question 19:Ever just sit and wonder?
Depends on what going on in my life at the time
I did once, but then a penguin flew out of the sky and seven dancing llamas stole a quickie mart and raced it on the autobahn.
Umm… I can’t rememberrrrr, PLEASE INSERT SECOND DISK !
I plead the eighteenth amendment

Question 20:Ok, last question. What’s the deal with the “grape juice” choices on this quiz?
Squirrels scratching on a chalkboard. I told them they should not have eaten fluffy, even if he was a leprechaun, and would you please quit disassembling the cat, he’s a bit allergic to death. Mmm fabric softener…. it’s the only way to fly.
Vince likes grape juice…
Grape juice is yummy and full of love
NO!!! Grape juice is gross and full of rotting parasites and is the epitome of evil!
NO, you are both wrong, CHEESE is the EPITOME........ of EVIL!!!

This Quiz has been designed by Adam Homer.