Yet another "are you crazy" test
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Yet another "are you crazy" test

Yes, I know that there are a lot of these, but I think that mine is more accurate. You know what they say, it takes one to know one...

Question 1:When you see a plastic spoon, you think:
These make great alternatives to normal clothes!
I bet I could make a work of art with these.
Well, usually I just eat off of them...
I've been looking for one of these... now, who to castrate...

Question 2:Many people talk to themselves. When is it time for them to worry?
When themselves stops talking back
When themselves starts talking back
As soon as they start talking to themselves . That's not normal.
Don't worry. If you worry, the voices will know, and that's when they make their move. But I've said too much...

Question 3:When you make up a language, how does it usually sound to someone not trained in that language?
It makes their feeble minds fizzle out and explode.
Who makes up languages? In fact, who made up this test???
Really really odd
A little like French

Question 4:What are you most likely to shout out at random in a crowded room?
I don't shout out random things in crowded rooms, you freak.

Question 5:I've heard the screams of the...
kids in my closet. I guess it's time to feed them...
monkeys. I like the zoo!
kids next door. Damn, they're loud.
vegetables, watching their skins being peeled, grated and steamed with no mercy, how do you think that feels?

Question 6:What is the best way to counter spoon fu?
More spoon fu
Spork fu
Maybe YOU'RE the one that needs this test.
Run. Run and hide.

Question 7:History is made by:
people who do things worthy of our recognition.
the people who listen to 'myself'. Anyone who ignores 'myself' will die a slow and painful death by PLASTIC SPOON!!!!
stupid people.

Question 8:If given the choice, what movie would you be watching right now?
Monty Python. Any one of them. Heheh. Swallow with coconuts. Classic!
City Hunter, Jackie Chan version or original anime. Nookie blue!
None of those. What kind of crazy psychopath are you, exactly?
RHPS. Let's do the time warp again!

Question 9:What is your normal state of mind?
Absent minded.

Question 10:Pick your favourite of the following:
I do what the voices tell me to. Right now they're telling me to stand on my head and sing show tunes!
We'll all get along just fine as soon as you realize that I am always right.
I smile because I have no idea what's going on.
Of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most.

Question 11:When you walk into a room, everyone turns to look at you. Why?
It could have something to do with the fact that I'm brandishing a plastic spoon and asking if anyone would like to challenge me.
Because they're all strange.
I'm wearing neon pink and green.
I'm walking backwards and bumping into everything.

Question 12:What is it about those plastic spoons anywayz?
They wield a power unknown to all mortals but those who embrace the power of MYSELF!!
They are useful devices for castration.
I like cheese.
Handy to eat off of, doesn't matter if they get lost. What was the point of that??

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