Are you totally whack?
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Are you totally whack?

This is not another "are you crazy" test with things no one would ever do. Take this test to see if you are whack! You never know, you could be whack and not know it!

Question 1:   Did you, for any reason, run around the house yelling "wheeeee" recently?
I do that all the time!
Once, but only because I was hyper.

Question 2:   Did you recently walk around like an animal or make animal noises?
Why do these all say "recently?" I have always done this and always will.
You freak! Who would do that?
Only that time when I was drunk.

Question 3:   Do you talk to yourself?
Only when I am nervous and calming myself.
All the time! You read my mind!

Question 4:   Speaking of reading minds, have you ever done so (or done anything paranormal for that matter)?
I am a total psychic!
That stuff is nonsense.
I tried!

Question 5:   What do you think of Halloween?
Halloween is so stupid!
I love it! There's not a better holiday!
It's great, but sometimes the candy makes me too hyper!

Question 6:   What do you do at parties?
Try to make everyone sing and dance
Nothing bad, except if it is a little boring you will ask the DJ to play a song with lots of bad words!
Talk, look at the house

Question 7:   How do you exercise?
Water balloon fights, tickle fights, etc.
Exercise equipment
Walks, sometimes *blushes* sex.

Question 8:   What do you do at the zoo?
Look at the animals. What else would I do?
Imitate the animals.
Look (and sometimes squeal over) the animals.

Question 9:   What do you want as a pet?
A cutesy doggy-poo! *giggles*
Ooh, a boa constrictor and a tarantula and a black cat!
A guard dog to guard me from nutcases like the maker of this test!

Question 10:   What did you think of this test?
You scare me with your questions!
A little weird but fun!
You read my mind! I do everything you ask about!

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