How Disgusting are You?
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How Disgusting are You?

This is a quiz to see just how disgusting you are.

Question 1:If you are sitting with a group of people and you're nose starts running like a faucet, you...
Cover your nose and get a tissue
Wipe it on your shirt (or somebody elses).
Let it run. Who cares.
Blow snot bubbles!

Question 2:If you really need to go #2 you're taking a walk far away from a restroom, what do you do?
Do it on the side of the road! Yummy!
Knock on a strangers door and ask if you can use their bathroom.
Poop your pants.
Poop on someones lawn.

Question 3:You are at a party and you let one rip. What do you do?
Laugh and say it was the geese.
Lean to one side and let another one rip.
Pass out from the smell.
Pretend you didn't here it.

Question 4:You are being offered one million dollars to jump in a huge tub of cow poop, do ya do it?
No way. Eww
Are you kidding! That sounds like fun!
Sure but I'd pull someone else in too.

Question 5:Would you eat a plate of worms with beetles and cheese?
Yeah!Anything that has cheese is great!!
How GROSS???!!!!!
No way.
What do I get out of it?

Question 6:What is your favorite stuffed animal that you have?
I don't have any. How childish?
A cuddly teddy
A monkey.
A block of cheese that I've had since I was 5 and I still sleep with it at night.

Question 7:Are you alive?
Nope. I've been dead for a while now.
Do I sound dead?
Yes, but I see dead people.
Of course I am you idiot!

Question 8:How often do you shower?
Every day.
Once a week
Once a year

Question 9:What kind of impression do you make on people.
They always think I smell like doggy doodles.
Well...I'm nice and normal and....
They hide there children from me.
What people?

Question 10:How gross do you think you are?
Extremely,... I'm disgusting.
I'm pretty gross.
I'm just gross.
I'm not gross.

This Quiz has been designed by Kristen.