How disgusting are you?
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How disgusting are you?

This is a quiz to see how disgusting of a person you are or could be.

Question 1:If you were walking in the park and your dog pooped on the sidewalk and it was the law to pick it up, how would you dispose of it?
I would use my pooper scooper and brown paper bag I always carry with me.
I would pick it up with my bare hands and run to the nearest garbage can, and wipe the remains on my pants.
I would lay on the ground and lick it until the sidewalk was clean.
I would take my shirt off and wrap it around the poop and take it to the garbage can and put my shirt back on.

Question 2:If you were really hungry and didn't have any money would you.....
Dig through the garbage until you found some remains of a hamburger and fries
Beg for food at the back door of a restaurant
Kill a rat that's lurking in the ally, skin it and fry it over a burning trash can.

Question 3:If you were very, very thirsty what would you drink?
A half bottle of pop that someone had put ashes in.
The water from the toilet bowl
A cup of red punch that someone had vomited in
Rancid milk that had been out in the hot sun for a few days

Question 4:If your life depended on it which of the follow would you do to save your life?
Swim in a pool of blood.
Slide on your belly through the sewer pipes
Eat human feces
Drink a wine glass of urine

Question 5:What kind of prank would you pull on your best friend?
I would take him/her a burrito filled with dog poop
I would buy him/her a pizza and order those little raw fish on them that no one likes.
I would make some homemade ice cream with spoiled milk
I would put a bag of flaming dog poo on his/her front porch and ring the door bell and watch them stomp dog poo all over their slippers.

Question 6:What would you rather do?
Shave an old, fat man's back hair
Lick your grandma's toe jam
Fly a kite

Question 7:What is your biggest fantasy?
To have sex with my Mom/Dad
Roll around in my cat's litter before I clean his box
Lick the greasy woman/man's armpits that work in the chicken factory
To have sex with any celebrity I wanted

Question 8:This really gross nerd wants to go out with you and is convinced that you are so wonderful. How would you convince them that you were not that wonderful so they would leave you alone?
I would tell him/her that I loved rubbing my poop all over me. (I really love that feeling)
That I was horny all the time and even the dog and my parents looked good. (Even though it's not true)
I would tell him/her that I ate cock roaches for all three meals.
I would tell him/her that the thought of his pimples seeping made me want to lick them and I couldn't have a relationship with him/her because of it.

Question 9:What would you rather eat if you were in another country and there was nothing else to eat?
Cow intestines
Pig uterus
Monkey brains
Frog legs
Brussel Sprouts, Broccolit and Rubarb

Question 10:For fun your friends suggest you do one of the following. Which one would you do?
Rub baby oil on that 450 model that appears in your email from time to time in a joke
Go elephant poop diving
Artificially inpregnant a cow with no gloves (which involves reaching up their butt)
Eat poop shoots from a pig that still has the feces in it

Question 11:You animal has not pooped in several days and needs to go badly before he/she dies. Which of the following would you do to help your pet out?
I would reach up their butt and pull that sh** out of there myself
I would give him/her and enima
I don't think I would do anything. It's not my fault he/she got in the garbage and is all bound up......(you're a sicko!!!!)

Question 12:Your child has a runny nose that will not stop running and you do not have a tissue for him/her. Which of the following would you do?
I would just lick that snot off of their nose. NO child of mine will have snot running down their face.
I would wipe the snot on the inside of my shirt even though it will be touching my skin
I would find something in my car for them to blow their nose on. A glove, scarf, a bag....I don't want their snot near me!!

Question 13:What would be your idea of a fun game to play with your friends?
Booger chase each other around the house blowing your boogers on each other. If you're hit you're out!!
Dodge Feces....It's just like Dodge ball except you replace the ball with human, dog, or cat sh**
Smelly animal toss....It's like hot potato except you have a dead, stinky, bloated animal that you toss around. Whoever gets caught with it has to lick it's butt.

Question 14:You are playing truth or dare and you chose dare. Which of the following would you do for your dare?
I would kiss the dork from your science class that picks his nose and eats it.
I would kiss my best friend of the same sex on the lips giving them a little tongue
I would never pick dare while playing this game. (You big chicken!!!!)
I would kiss my dog's butt after took a dump.

Question 15:Your girlfriend/boyfriend wants to liven up your sex life. He/She suggests the following which one would you do?
Stick a live gerbil up my butt
Have sex with a person of the same sex while my girlfriend/boyfriend watched
Involve some farm animals
Sex! I'm waiting for marriage. (Good for you!! That's the right thing to do.)
I would tell them to take a hike that stuff is really disgusting.

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