How much of a band dork are you?
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How much of a band dork are you?

Are you a bonafied band dork? A band groupie? Do you think you know what it really means to be in the band?! Or could you not care less... ? Well let's find out, shall we?

Question 1:How many people do you actually know in the band?
Um... I think my best friend's cousin is in the band... or is that the track team?
I hang out with a few band people.
Duh! I know everyone's name... all 238 of them! I also happen to keep tabs on each person's personal life... I'm not a stalker, I swear!
I know everyone's name but I only know about half of them personally.

Question 2:What instrument do you play?
Uh, that gold thingy with all the buttons on it.
I play clarinet for marching season, and when concert season rolls around I switch to bass clarinet.
What's an in--stroo--ment? Quit using all those funny words!

Question 3:Do you know what a lyre is?
DUH that's easy! It holds your flip folder up where you can see it, so you can read your music while marching. Anybody knows that!
Um isn't that that thingy that one of the gods in Greek mythology played for the other gods... never mind.
Hell if I know.

Question 4:At lunch, where do you find yourself sitting most of the time?
With all my band friends, of course. We have established our own table.
Who would ever want to hang out with the BAND people, I mean sheesh. Of course I sit with the totally popular jocks and whores!
I sit at the "band table" on occasion, to catch up with my band buddies.
I sit with them every day even though I'm not in the band.
Well I'm in the band but I would DIE at the thought of being seen with those dorks... I sit with the cool people.

Question 5:You just got done with the halftime show. And you sucked! What are you thinking?
"Oh my gosh Mr. So-and-so (the band director) is going to kill me! It was all my fault when I marched to the A 45 yard line instead of the B 45 yard line! I must go into a 2-week period of mourning... *sniffle*
Wow, we sucked! I hope we don't march like that at district contest.
I didn't even see it... I was too busy buying nachos and flirting with that hottie over there.... hehe.
Well, it did look kinda funny when I, the non band person, ran out there to march with them. But I thought it improved the show drastically. Besides, what's wrong with showing support for my best band friends???
Well I'm not in band but it looked okay... I guess.

Question 6:During rehearsal, one guy just stands up and says out loud, "Beware of the mutant cheese puffs!" What is your reaction?
You shout, "Yeah, watch out! They'll get ya!"
Chuckle to yourself and admire his confidence.
FREAK! He should be shot.
Well see since I'm not in band it would be kinda weird to attend their rehearsals... unless that hottie from the football game happens to be there! YUM!

Question 7:Where do you hang out when you first get to school in the morning (if you have time before the bell rings)?
With all the popular girls in the girls bathroom.
With my friends in our usual hang-out spot by Biff's locker.
I float back and forth from Biff's locker to the band room. I have friends in both places.
In the band room, where else?

Question 8:Your band uniforms look like...
They have white jackets with a fold over front and orange and black details on the front and sleeves, with black pants and black marching shoes, and a black hat with silver things on the front and a black plume that looks remarkably like a dead crow.
Um... white jackets.... black pants.... funny hats.
I dunno... I just notice the funny hats. Those fuzzy things on top look like dead crows!
I dunno, I don't pay attention. I'm too busy buying nachos, remember?!

Question 9:How often does the band rehearse?
I dunno... I guess whenever they need practice. I dunno!! Ahhhh!!!!
Don't know, DON'T CARE!
Once a week, but I don't remember what day.
Wednesdays, I think.
Every Wednesday from 3:30 to 6, and if we have band last period then we start at 4:00 instead. Hah.

Question 10:Finish this: This one time, at band camp...
...there was a horse, and he had a really REALLY BIG... saddle. Tee hee! That gets me every time. I love that movie.
...oh my gosh you should've seen it! When Spiffy did that thing in that place! and OMG! It was funny you should've been there, dude.
Um I wasn't there....

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