Just how dorky are you?
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Just how dorky are you?

Are you dorky enough to get into the All Dorks Society? Or, do you try to stay clear of this social inept club? Take this quiz to find out.

Question 1:When you hear the word "cheese," what is usually your first spontaneous response?
Uhhh. I sit there. I like cheese, but not that much.
Yuck. I hate cheese.

Question 2:Pick a phrase:
ring toss
spastic spandex
hoopalay hippo

Question 3:What songs do you like to sing?
50 Cent, Nelly, and R.Kelly
I like making up my own about cheese, pickles, turtles, cars, lady bugs....
Anything, as long as it's not going to ruin my reputation.

Question 4:Where do you like to shop at?
I don't go shoppinggggggg. I go exercising! Hehe, I made it a sport by counting the number of steps it takes me to get to the back of the store from the front!
the mall

Question 5:Are you interested in politics?
I ran for class president in fourth grade and won after a breath-holding contest! Yay for me!
Somewhat. I think Bush does a great job, but...

Question 6:Cheese!
Uck. The calories? *shakes head*
That's interesting.

Question 7:What would you be most likely found doing on the first day of summer vacation?
Summer reading
Waxing my upper lip! Just kidding!

Question 8:How would you order your taco:
"Please, no sauce. And try not to fry it too much grease."
"Hi! Umm, I want a taco shell! With lettuce. Oh yes. And cheese. And onion. Wait, extra cheese. And NO lettuce. Well, maybe I do want lettuce...hold on!"
"I'd like a number seven with no tomato."

Question 9:What is your favorite animal?
Anything, as long as it doesn't have pointy claws and red eyes.
Sloth! Beetle! Kangaroo! Dog! Cat! Bird!

Question 10:Pick one final word:

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