Are you a dork?
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Are you a dork?

Well, are you?

Question 1:Your mom is dropping you off at school. When you get out of the car, what do you do/say?
"Bye, Mommy, I love you!" and give her a kiss on the cheek
Don't say anything-who really cares?
Wave at her from outside the car or say, "Bye, Mom!"
Your mom doesn't drop you off at school-your private driver does

Question 2:It's 8:00 and the bell rings for homeroom. Where are you?
Asking the teacher why a three-week vacation to the Bahamas isn't an excused absence
Just walking through the door OR sitting at your desk talking to your best friend
In the bathroom, making out with your boyfriend
Sitting at your front-row desk prepared for class

Question 3:Today in math your class is taking a poll to make a graph of what kind of socks the class wears. Which choice do you vote for?
Designer socks
Socks pulled all the way up/ knee socks
No socks
Ankle socks

Question 4:It's time to put on your gym shoes! What do you put on?
Beat-up Nikes
Tennis shoes? I NEVER wear those!
$200 basketball shoes
Light-up tennis shoes

Question 5:It's lunchtime! You sit down at a table and begin eating...
a three-course catered meal, specially prepared to your liking
a well-balanced nutritional meal
nothing-you won't eat until your parents give you more rights
a hamburger, Coke, some french fries, an ice cream bar, and maybe a salad if you feel like it

Question 6:In civics, your teacher asks if you have your homework. You reply...
"Of course, Mr. Smith," and hand him a perfect paper
"Dog ate it."
"Yeah," and hand him a messy but complete paper
"Yes," and sift through your perfectly neat binder until you find a neat but completely wrong paper for him

Question 7:The afternoon bell rings! You...
find your friends, talk to them about maybe going to the movies that night, and leave to go home
hop into your limo and drive away
don't hear it-you're at the mall because you cut seventh period
rush to room 412 for computer club

Question 8:After school, you can do anything you want. You...
either go to the mall with friends or play video games the whole afternoon
go to highly expensive dance lessons, followed by flying to LA to meet your famous mother.
go smoke behind the convenience store
get started on your homework-you wouldn't want to have it late

Question 9:It's Friday night, and your parents volunteered you to babysit your 10-year-old brother. What do you do?
Pay someone else to do it
Drop him off at the movies with some money
Watch him-you've got nothing better to do
Leave him at home-no one cares about him anyway

Question 10:Do you think you're a dork?
So what if I am?
Probably not
Definitely not.
No, I'm hip and radical

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